Color Blindness / Catarina

Color blindness is a rare condition identified as the inability to clearly identify different colors of the color wheel. The difficulties can be low but sometimes dangerous. Many people confuse this term as the same thing as compelete blindness which is a common misunderstanding.

In the human eye there are “receptor cells” called cones, these are found in the retina (a light sensitive tissue found in the back of your eye, that identifies light rays). Each person should have three types of cones, red, green and blue. This is what enables most people to see all colors. Any damage or abnormal deficiency in the cones can lead to unusual color vision.

There are nine types of color blindness. The first four lie under the catagory of red-green color blindness, these are. Protanomaly, this is when the cone is abnormal and the colors red, yellow and orange are veiwed as darker than usual. This is a mild diagnoses and only affects 1 percent of males. The next is Protanopia similar, but red is identified as black and orange, yellow and green are seen as the same color. Deuteranomaly and Deuteranopia similar to each other Deuteranopia is a major colorblindness when you are only able to identify brownish yellow, red and mix green with beige. There is also another stage of color blindness that involves Blue – Yellow. Tritanomaly is the difficulty to see blue as it appears green and yellow can be confused as red and pink. This is an extremely rare disorder. Tritanopia people who lack blue cone cells, their color appears as greener also difficult to identify yellow and red from pink. Last stage is Compelete color blindness Rod monochromacy or achromatopsia and Cone monochromacy the most severe of the two, Rod monochromacy or achromatopsia. This disorder is diagnosed at birth and is when people see the world in black and white, this virus can make people uncomfortable in bright enviroments and also might suffer photophobia (bright lights damage your pupils).

INTERESTING FACT 1.8% of males have color blindness when 1 out of 200 women have color blindness 4.5%  percent of entire population

Most color blindness comes from genetices or is presented at birth. Color vision problems can also be attained by natural causes such as, aging, any injury in the eye and side effects from medicine. Symptoms are not being able to see all colors and not having the ability to identify different shades of a color. In addition color blindness is most commonly found in males. As an acception there are also young girls that atain color blindness but that eases as they grow. Although most people with colorblindness are dont improve overtime and sometimes worsen over time.

Unfortunatley inherited color blindness may not be treated permanently. Although there are Color Blind glasses that can temporarly let a person see color for the duration the glasses are on for.

While researching this concept I learnt that there are many different categories of color blindness and how people can be diagnosed with color blindness. I also learnt that color blindness is a serious issue for people’s daily lives, it is a struggle for them to identify such things as a stop sign red-green while driving.The reason why I chose to do this project was that my father and I are both color blind I have very mild colorblindness, but my dad has a hard time identifying colors. I was interested to find out what stage of colorblindnes I was, and was surprised to find that my color blindness stage is Tritanopia.

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Sleep Walking – Karen Mukai

  I chose this issue because I used to sleepwalk and I wanted to know more about it. I know that sleepwalking is when you walk or do different things while you are sleeping, and it can be very dangerous. Sleeping is important for your health and I learned about it during previous years so it is interesting to know what happens during sleep. Sleepwalking affects ages from 4 years old to 13 the most.

  Typically, the sleepwalker’s eyes are open with a glassy stare as he roams the house. If you question him, he’ll be slow to respond or not respond at all. When you get him back to bed without waking him up, he usually won’t recall the event. When someone sleepwalks, they might quietly walk around their room. Or they might run or attempt to “escape.” I didn’t know that when someone sleep walks they can also do other such as driving a car and not only walking. I don’t understand how your body moves while in your sleep. People don’t remember what they did during the night while they are sleeping and you might do something bad, some solutions are to lock your door before you go to bed so you won’t walk around your house or try to leave. Doing bad things to your health can cause sleepwalking.


I picked the topic of brain freeze because it happens often and to about everyone. But so far has not been known to have a serious long term effect on the brain or body so the only damage you can cause by drinking while having a brain freeze is more pain or a longer  brainfreeze.

During this task I learnt that there isn’t exactly one true theory to how a brain freeze is caused. One theory is that you get a brain freeze from extremely cold foods or liquids touching the roof of your mouth because the mouth is very vascularized (hence why temperatures are taken in your mouth). Or (the more fancy version) when you swallow something cold and it hits your carotid artery (back of throat) where blood is fed to your brain and causes a fast change of temperature. Then the cold goes to the receptors surrounding the brain called the meninges causing them to portray it as pain. The last theory I found was that the cold changes the blood flow for a short period of time.

Luis Felix – Depression

I chose my HealthBuzz topic on depression because I think that it’s really interesting how the mind works and how hormones change during puberty, so I thought that everyone should be aware of this topic as it may happen to anyone now or in the near future. Since social media is commonly used between our family, there are higher chances for me or one of my siblings to go through depression. Before the presentation, I knew that depression wasn’t a really big topic that could really use awareness. Last year in my wellness class, I learned a bit about depression and I thought it was very interesting so I did more research. I think depression is very important because some people commit suicide or have suicidal thoughts because of something they might have done wrong. I believe that this affects teenagers because we are going through puberty which is the main point when people start getting signs of depression.

While doing reasearch, I learned that depression is a life or death illness with not much awareness. This expanded my learning because now if I see people that look, feel or act depressed, I will know how to help them even if they say that they are fine. In my opinion, it’s ok to go through sadness as it’s a normal stage in life, but depression is something that if it’s not treated, it can have a bad impact on your life. What was interesting about depression is how the body and mind changes to negatively impact the way someone feels. Because I now know that little things like exercise can cure depression, I could do more exercise to improve my wellbeing and to decrease my chances of depression.Sometimes, people misunderstand anxiety and depression. Anxiety is a feeling of worry or nervousness, not an illness that negatively impacts your body.  The least expensive way to cure some parts of depression is to do exercise, the other way is to talk to a psychotherapist. This influences my thinking in wellness as I became interested in hormones and genes, and it will be a topic that will be talked about later on.

This photo relates to depression as I found out that when someone asks for help, they usually say, “I’m fine.”. When I saw this picture I found out that this is what they probably really feel or something else depending on the situation. Depression can be really weird if no help is used.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) – Adit Wibowo

ADHD (Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder) is a brain disorder that shows signs of ongoing patterns of inattentiveness and hyperactivity that interferes with how your body functions and develops.

I picked this issue because it is very relevant today because there’s a lot of children as well as adults that are being affected by the disorder all around the globe. According to ADHD Institute 7.1% of children and 3.4% of adults are diagnosed with ADHD. This shows that this is a massive problem around the world affecting millions. According to HealthLine In the US alone, 6.4 million children ages 4 -17 are diagnosed with this disorder. There is a 42% increase of ADHD diagnosis over the past 8 years.Since we are teenagers we have the responsibility to know and be informed about how other teenagers live around the world. We need to understand how different bodies and brains function and how that can affect the ways we live. It is great to better understand the details of this disorder and how their brains and bodies work differently than ours.

This infographic showing the population of children ages 4-17 in the US diagnosed with ADHD.

Image result for adhd statistics

I learnt lots of things about this disorder such as it’s effects and solutions and treatments on how to improve it. The effects are Inattention: being out of focus/unable to concentrate, Hyperactivity: being extremely active with disruptive behaviour.  Impulsivity: Having a tendency to act inappropriately thinking that there are no consequences

As for the solutions, the most common and fastest treatments towards ADHD is medication, taking pills can help make them focus and concentrate but only last for 8-12 hours and can only be taken once a day. Also some pills can have side effects that can be dangerous. But therapy especially behaviour therapy is also recommended because it is a natural treatment that doesn’t involve your body in taking any chemical but a combination of pills and therapy is the best choice.

At first I thought ADHD was just a behaviour problem that only affected young children with tantrums but I realized it was so much more than that, it is a mental disorder that changes the way your brain and body work together. I know understand the importance of this disorder as it is growing at a rapid rate right now and that it is one of the largest disorders in history. I now understand what ADHD means and what it does to people.

Hafizh – Autism

I chose this topic because I’ve seen people with Autism and I’m curious on how people get this or why and this topic has affected many lives and including people in the Philippines. Autism is relevant to me because when I go to a Saturday Service I see that the common thing around are that people have Autism and if I learn more about it I could help these people easier. It affects teenagers because Autism can develop during your teen age and might be negative for you an example would be difficult making friends cause you would be at school.

I learned that people with Autism can get moody in random times, they might get aggressive or might be depressed for no reason. I think that Autism is just something in your way and you must learn ways that will help you. My thinking has changed in Wellness because people with Autism have low Emotional Health and Social Health while Physical Health might be higher, this means that you should learn how to be happier and to talk to people you have a common sport and play with them.

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Amanta – Dehydration

I choose this issue because drinking enough water is very important to your body and many people don’t know that they aren’t drinking enough. I am affected in this problem because I lack drinking 7 cups per day. Therefor I had to deal with many problems such as headaches, dizziness, problems with my digestive system, and my hair, nails, and skin were damaged. I know that teenagers should drink 7-8 cups of water per day. Living in a country with a hot climate, you can easily get dehydrated and in ISM it is a requirement to bring a water bottle to school. This issue is relevant to me because I had many problems with my digestive system, I would always have headaches, and many more issues  2 years ago and I didn’t know that I wasn’t drinking enough water. Many people struggle with this.

I learned that our body’s are 65% made of water. Knowing this, it made sense why you needed to drink so much water.  I understand why this is a common issue. And that’s because water taste plain for many people. I was surprised that 75% people in America are dehydrated everyday. Now I know the many consequences of such a simple thing as drinking water. I don’t really understand where all of that water goes because 7-8 cups is a lot. Many don’t remember to drink water throughout the day and a solution for that is to keep your water bottle in near you at all times. Another simple solution to this issue is just to bring a water bottle to school. If you really don’t like the taste of water you could add some fruit to your water so it’ll taste less plain. This makes me think more about how simplest thing like not drinking enough water can cause such big problems and this makes me want to drink more water.

Image result for dehydration

This images relates to my topic because this shows what happens when you don’t drink enough water.

Sleep – Nishika Roongta

I picked this issue because many people especially teens do not get enough sleep which is an important part in their growth and development. I see my brother,friends sometimes complain of lack of sleep so I thought of choosing this topic. I searched google and also learned from my parents about importance of sleep.
This topic is relevant to me as sometimes I also do not get enough sleep and those days I see that I am lazy,not active,not able to concentrate etc and hence i thought to researching this subject.
I learned the following:
– what is sleep
-why is sleep important
-how does it affect teenagers
-some interesting facts about sleep.
As we all here are teens we all should get 8 to 9 hours of sleep. And remember if you want a better growth and development in yourself you should get to bed early, reduce caffeine, avoid watching TV and mobile before sleep and get the amount of sleep which you need.
Yes, this project changed my thinking as before I was having lack of sleep sometimes and I was not fully aware about the importance of adequate sleep and now that I know about the importance of proper sleep, I have changed my habits and behaviour towards sleep so that it can contribute to my growth and development.

Jakob Poturnak -Health buzz on Tourette syndrome

  • Why did you choose this issue?: I chose this issue because many people have Tourette syndrome and I also found this condition very interesting.
  •  What are your connections?: Because I feel like this issue is something most people don’t know about and people misinterpret this as a condition contagiously passed. Its a lifelong condition that people need to understand. 
  • How does this expand your learnIng? This helped me understand more about Tourette syndrome and how it affects people especially when they are bullied. They are triggered by stress and anxiety, and this normally because people make fun of them. 
  • How is this issue relevant to you? Why is it important? It relates to me because I thought it was not a big problem but it is, its incurable and people deal with it everyday. 
  • How does it affect teenagers?: Teenagers are affected because teenagers who have this condition often get judged or bullied.
  • What did you learn about this issue?: I learned that Tourette syndrome cannot be cured but can be controlled through medication and coping strategies to relax which help minimise their tics.
  • What is your thinking/summary about this issue?: I think this issue is very important because most people don’t understand the condition and they tend to judge which is an unacceptable thing. We need to respect everyone.
  • How has your thinking changed?: This changed my thinking about people with Tourette syndrome because there is more to the condition that I thought. At first I thought it was just a simple condition that can be cured but it is something that people should be aware about. 


I chose to do this issue, Ebola because I thought that it was a very interesting and fascinating disease and also because it was all over the news a few years ago. This Ebola disease comes from Africa, it comes from wild animals. This disease can also be connected to many other diseased, such as Malaria, Dengue, etc. All of those diseases can kill a human person. This disease could happen anywhere in the world if someone where to have it and pass it on and that person would pass it on again and eventually lead to a country where I live in and I might get it. This is important because we wouldn’t want anyone getting the disease because if someone here get’s it, they might die because it is a very deadly disease and there might be an outbreak here because that person might pass it on. In March, 2014, there was an ebola outbreak in West Africa, many people, including children, died. This disease not only can affect teenagers, but anyone, any human being. Because if a person that has Ebola, spits on a teenager, the teenager will have Ebola, because the person with Ebola just coughed his saliva which has Ebola, which means the teenager will also have the disease, it is very contagious.


I learned that more than 23000 people died from Ebola, which is a very high number. I also learned that Ebola causes internal bleeding inside of your body. To summarize this all up, I would say that Ebola is a very bad disease because it makes people suffer, it kills young children and it kills people/human beings. Some problems this disease cause is, high fever, vomiting, stomach pain, weakness, etc. Some solutions to this disease is to take vaccines to help prevent this disease, take medications, and try to be less with wild animals.