Read and Respond

This week we will begin our Read and Respond entries.  It will be one continuous running document you’ll have saved in your google drives. Here are the instructions for setting it up:


RUBRIC:  Read and Respond Rubric


In your Google Drive Folders for Social Studies

1. Create a folder called “Read and Respond

2. Create a Document inside that folder called “Last Name, First Initial Read and Respond 2013” (for example: VillanuevaM Read and Respond 2013)

3. Your Current Read and Respond entries need to be the first every time we open the doc.

Instructions for Writing your Read and Respond:

Step 1: State “The Week of _____” Underlined. Always use the Date of Monday of the week of the entry. (Example: Week of August 26, 2013)

Step 2: Copy the title of the article. Type it in Bold and put it in “Quotation Marks.” 

Step 3: State the region in which the article is based

Step 4: Include a map of the region/country and an image related to the article = the image can help you focus your opinion.

Step 5: Indicate the genre of the news article (e.g. entertainment, politics, geography, economics, culture)

*Optional for everyone: find the longitude and latitude of the city/town/country mentioned in the article and state it in your response.

Step 6: Title for first paragraph: Summary (bold and underline; left justified) See Example:


China and Japan are fighting over ownership of the islands, Senkaku (Japan) or Diaoyu (China). These islands are important because they are placed within a vital shipping route. The argument intensified after Japan deported Chinese activists and then Japan allowed Japanese citizens on the islands to plant a Japanese flag.

Step 7: Write a brief summary of the main points in the article.

Step 8: Title for second paragraph is an Analysis or Synthesis question you write based on your reading of the article (bold and underline; left justified; don’t forget the question mark)

*Remember an analysis question asks for an opinion based on a choice.

Here are some ways to start your responses (depending on the question):

  • This article reminds me of a similar event/case because …

  • This article reminds me of a similar event/case in (place) because …

  • A very similar event like this happened in (place)/ to (person).

  • I feel … (your reaction) when I read that … (important detail from the article) because …

  • I would/would not want (event) to happen to me/in my country because …

  • I would choose to/choose not to …

  • In my opinion …

  • This event relates to state sovereignty/territorial integrity/self-determination because …

Step 9: Use to cite the article and images. Create a bibliography at the end of your response.

Step 10: Read through your work and fix-it up.

Step 11: Take a deep breath, close the document and SMILE. 🙂

Sample Read and Respond can be found here.


Here are some starting point sources: You may find your article at any of the following sites: