Art of Living, Technique of Breathing : by Anya

I grew up watching my parents and grandparents practicing this technique and because my family is VERY devoted to Guruji. My grandparents happened to go for his discourse and then started practicing the art of flushing out toxins with his breathing technique. In addition to the breathing, he also preached about how serving others invokes positivity in your own life by creating positive energy and making all your dreams come true. I understand that positivity is the core of our existence. We are all made of cells of happiness. That is why a baby doesn’t know negative emotions like hate, anger, worry, bias etc. when it is born. I did the course myself at the age of 8 and experienced tremendous joy. This issue is relevant to every creature in existence because everyone seeks happiness. This affects teenagers because at this age kids go through a lot of different types of stress and problems and it is important to clear our minds. This breathing exercise helps us release our stress and be positive. When we are positive in our subconscious, it results in a positive aura around us and makes all our dreams come true!

I have learned that I need to flush my stress out on a daily basis and be happy and positive always. I am learning that we need to be rid of stress and negative energy all the time. It is pretty fascinating how a simple breathing technique can make your life magic. Its amazing how it actually works and how just through breathing and service you can make yourself a more successful person in life. The biggest misunderstanding is that it is about religion or a cult. Its only about knowledge and service. The results can only be seen if you’re disciplined and do this exercise everyday. The solution is to be around people who are regular about it and help you stay on track.

The Language of Lying – Mayu Kaneko

Pamela Meyer said, “Lying is an attempt to bridge that gap about who we wish we were, how we wish we could be, with what we’re really like.” I think this image shows what lying really is. It covers up who we really are with an unrealistic mask of ourselves.

From medieval torture devices to the 400-pound electroencephalogram, which records the activity of the brain, humans have sought ways of lie detecting throughout history. However, most can be fooled, and none are considered reliable enough. However, prevailing amongst these machines and tools is communication science. Professionals are armed with the knowledge of science, instead of these unreliable tools, and get to the truth about 94% of the time. I chose this because it interested me, how people lie, why they lie and what the human body does in response to this. Another reason is that many crime shows show interrogation and truth serums and I wanted to compare the fantastical tools and the real ones.

I have learned that according to linguistic text analysis, which is a branch of science which focuses on text, liars tend to follow 4 patterns when speaking. A study shows that fantastical stories are written drastically differently compared to written true stories. This shows that humans, although very subtly, speak and write differently when telling the truth and when we lie. First, humans tend to minimise self-reference when lying. For example, when lying, one might say, “absolutely no party took place at this house,” compared to a simple, “I didn’t host a party here,” the speaker of the first statement is distancing himself from the speaker. Second, liars tend to be more negative and use negative language because they are guilty of lying. For example, “sorry, my stupid phone died. Ugh.” Third, liars tend to explain events in simple terms, since the human brain struggles to build complex lies. Trained lie spotters ask them to repeat the story backward, fishing out the truth in the liar’s words. Finally, liars tend to speak and write in a complicated way, adding irrelevant information to cover up the lie. 

Society, generally, is against lying and deception. However, it is important to know that humans lie from an early age since we were babies. We fake cry, bluff and lie. One should not be severely punished for some lies, as most are white lies. I felt that this issue was important to understand because it can be beneficial to spot a lie, even in simple situations such as when shopping and deciding if a deal is good enough. This has changed my way of wellness as I am now aware of wellness as I now know the effects and what the body does when we lie. This research has expanded my learning and knowledge as once again, I have been faced with the complexity of the human brain.

Monophobia – Mina

Monophobia is a type of mental syndrome that makes people be afraid of being by themselves. I chose this issue because I thought monophobia is an interesting disease that I want to learn more about. As I mentioned, monophobia makes people feel scared when they are alone. And one thing that is scary about monophobia is that people who have monophobia don’t even notice that they have it. That point is defined that we all would have monophobia, just didn’t know if we do. I already knew that Monophobia makes people be afraid of being alone, but I didn’t know that people who have monophobia don’t know if they have it or not. Monophobia can make people die because of the extreme scare so it might be dangerous if we have it. Monophobia usually happens to teenagers. I am one of the teenagers which means monophobia can affect to me as well.

I still think that monophobia is dangerous because it happens between teenagers (which includes me), and it was really surprising when I first realized that. Before I do the research I misunderstood monophobia as a depression but now I know that it’s not a type of depression. Fortunately, monophobia is treatable. So the only important thing that is left is to find it as soon as possible. Here is a site which has some questions that will help you to see if you have monophobia or not. ( This issue made me re-think why wellness is important.

G.M.O. vs. Organic Food By: Andi Lamasuta

I chose to present about this topic because millions of people around the world are unaware of what is really in their food. People are suffering from random occurring diseases and don’t know the cause and normally they wouldn’t see their food as the cause because they have been eating the same thing for a while. Some people still don’t even know that they could be eating chemicals in their food, some just don’t care and carry on eating, but now the public is more aware than ever and changing their diets to purely organic food. This issue impacts teenagers too because everybody eats.

Upon researching about this topic I learned that both G.M. food and Organic food have their pros and their cons. Though knowing all the ups and downs it is in fact better to eat Organic food rather than G.M. food. However, it is only better if you eat healthy Organic food and not fatty Organic food.

Health buzz – Fear of long words BY: Tim



I chose this issue because it was Ironic, Sad and i wanted to know how the people with this phobia would react to long words.  This affects me because I live in an international school and I move to different countries a lot. Moving to different countries means that I might then have a chance of meeting someone with this fear so I might be able to help them with this issue. I already knew before i started researching it was the fear of long words or else I didn’t really know anything about the topic.  This issue affects teenagers mostly because friendships are very important at that age. If people think the people who have this phobia are weird they probably don’t want to be friends with them.

I learnt about this issue because the word is sort of Ironic and it’s an interesting word. This expanded my learning of phobias. I found the symptoms really interesting because of what they would do and just words can be scary. Some problems with this issue could be in school as a teenager learning long words could make them start crying run away and have anxiety attacks. This influences my learning in wellness by learning that there is so many parts of wellness and  Phobias are one of them.


Suicide: Why people do it, how to help, and warning signs- Fiona Foley

I chose this issue because I wanted to understand why people choose to commit suicide.  Another reason that I wanted to do do this was because of the book, 13 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher. The book is about a teenage girl who commits suicide and sends tapes out to the 13 people who had an influence o her decisions.  This issue affects teenagers because all teens go through stages where they feel uncertain and scared and uncomfortable about themselves and the life that they are living and one thought that probably goes through their brain is about suicide and maybe death.  I learned that people kill themselves to get away from the problem, they have made a big mistake, they are depressed, or they just want to die.

I learned that there are many reasons that people commit suicide, social concerns and mental health concerns. I also learned that you can stop a person from killing themselves by simply listening to them and showing that you care.  This topic is relevant to wellness because one cause of suicide is depression and depression is an indication of mental health problems.

This is a semi colin, it is a symbol of surviving or stopping suicidal thoughts or attempts.   The semi colin is used because the author could have ended the sentence but she continued it. The person who survived or chose to stop the attempts and thoughts could have stopped their life forever but instead they chose to continue it.

Social Media by Haruka Karaki

I chose this topic because right now many people are getting addicted to it and it is affecting many people. Social media also affects me because when I starts to watch anime or youtube or look at Instagram I can’t stop playing around with it. Sometimes I ended up staying up late and did nothing. So I limited myself. I said that I’m only going to watch 1 episode each day. Or don’t even watch it. I knew that social media is addicting but I still play around with it because it’s fun.

I learned ways to stop you from playing around with social media. You can turn off the notifications, make new hobbies, meet people in real life, remove cellphone apps that you usually play around with, limit yourself and spend more time with your family and your friends.

Cheshna – Malaria


The topic I chose was malaria. I chose this topic because I wanted to find out how dangerous malaria actually is and what types of mosquitoes transmit the disease. It doesn’t really affect me but it bugs me that so many people die from this disease every year and I barely see anyone take any precautions. This might affect teenagers because malaria kills mostly children every year and teenagers are still kind of children.

I learned that malaria can be transmitted by the bite of a female anopheles mosquito and that the symptoms can be very mild or very severe and it can take from 9 – 40 days for the symptoms to show. Malaria kills an estimated 660,000 people per year and I think the reason that so many people die from malaria is because they don’t take enough precautions. For example, when you go out for a walk in the park or outside you should be wearing mosquito repellent or a mosquito band or even a mosquito sticker. A female anopheles can bite anyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult, it will bite anyone and the person will get symptoms such as moderate to severe shaking chills, high fever, sweating, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea. I knew that this disease was a dangerous disease but I never actually knew how many people it killed per year and what the symptoms really were but now my thinking has changed because I have learnt that malaria is deadlier than I thought.

This picture shows an anopheles mosquito (the mosquito that spreads malaria)


My topic is music. I chose this topic because I use music to relax and relieve stress and it work! I wanted to find out why. Music can help reduce depression and relieve stress. It can also make you feel better by releasing the feel good chemical, dopamine. Many teenagers have anxiety and depression. It can reduce the pain for depression for up to 25%.

 Music affects your exercise, effects health, affects parts of you, and reduces stress.  The tempo of the music can effect the heart rate of a person. When they listen to lively music then their heart rate increases and if they listen to slow music then the heart rate reduces. It doesn’t matter wether the person likes the song or not it can reduce heart rate This is how a person can relax by listening to music. Classical music has the main effects on people but if you listen to to load music then it could just be distracting.  Listening to music can reduce  pain from a range of conditions, such as osteoarthritis, disc problems and rheumatoid arthritis, by up to 21% and depression by up to 25%.  people with high blood pressure by listening to classical music can control themselves to lower it down. Music can  improve memory and memory and the sharpness of the brain.  Music is like an exercise to the brain. It keeps an ageing brain healthy. Listening everyday can help improve stress levels. But it depends on the type of music. People react to the music in different ways.  It depends on the situation and the individual.  You have to listen to music that you like and effects you positively. Music can have a positive effect on your mood and reduce anxiety and depression. It can also make you feel exited sad or happy or even pumped up. Music releases dopamine which is the feel good chemical which makes you feel positive. 


Dissociative Identity Disorder – Amina Konysbayeva

The health issue I would like to present today is Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Identity Disorder. This issue is important because many people don’t know what this disorder is. Therefore it can be misunderstood very easily. I picked this issue because I thought it was a very interesting and I wanted to understand it better.

This issue affects teenagers because recently it was mentioned in a film called, Split. D.I.D. was represented as something quite terrifying but it was very exaggerated. Most people with the disorder have been abused and the main character in the film is shown as the abuser. This doesn’t add up because the people with D.I.D. would strive to be unlike their tormentors not one of them. Finally, most people with D.I.D. are depressed, self harm and are suicidal so becoming violent is extremely unlikely.

D.I.D. is a severe mental disorder where a person feels disconnected from their thoughts, feelings, actions and overall identity. The number one cause of D.I.D. is trauma (severe and/or prolonged) that was usually experienced in childhood. Another popular cause is mental, physical, sexual and emotional abuse also experienced during childhood. It can also be caused by the lack of comfort and care given after trauma/abuse, the ability to generally be able to dissociate easily and finally, using dissociation as a protection blanket to cope with trauma. Dissociation causes them to have what is known as, multiple personalities which causes odd memory loss when the personalities switch control.

This shows how people with D.I.D. can have multiple personalities with different ages, genders, lifestyles and so on.

Because of the symptoms of D.I.D. (depression, suicidal thoughts, self harm, etc) the medication prescribed are anti-depressants. But there hasn’t been enough funding for research so that they can make something to deal with the dissociation. At the moment, there is therapy of different kinds available such as: family therapy, cognitive therapy, creative therapy and psychotherapy. Hopefully, if more come to know about this issue there will be more research into it.

To conclude, I think this issue is important to know about becasue if you come in contact with someone with D.I.D. you should know that they aren’t dangerous. In fact, they could be more of a threat to themselves than to you. To help solve this problem, never harm children.