Reflecting on CWW

Job well done, Villains!  Thanks for bringing in sacks of Rice and for really dedicating your time and energy to helping out at each of your respective sites!  Looking forward to seeing your reflections and hearing all about your experiences!


Check out this reflection done by Cio below!  What an awesome recap!


CWW 2014 Updates!

Hi Chillin Villains!

In case you need the reminders again, here’s the info you need to know for our Upcoming CWW week! The information here will be updated regularly so keep checking back!




CWW DATES:  Feb 10-14, 2014

Permission Slips are due by: Monday, January 27, 2014


2 days on-campus — 2 days off-campus rotation

Friday at Island Cove



Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 3.45.21 PM


So the Villains have decided to bring in sacks of rice as our contribution to the donation drive.  Our challenge to ourselves was to bring in 10kg each by this Friday, Feb 7 which will make our Advisory contribution 120kgs!  Let’s do this Chillin Villains – Let’s help make a difference! Drop off the rice sacks in my room please – P044.



Staff Appreciation Day at ISM!

This week we’ve been working hard to make cards and tokens of appreciation for all the hard work that the staff at ISM does (from the contractual workers to the security staff) to keep our school as amazing as it is!

So, proud of our Chillin Villains for their selfless work putting together sweet individual notes, hand made cards and boxes, and brownies for Kuya Arnold, Ate Rowena, and Ate Rosanna in Urban Chef!


Advisory Banner Reminders

Hi Everyone! As we agreed on yesterday, we’re going to take our Advisory Banner Photo on Thursday after school (3-3:30pm). Venue will be announced

Don’t forget to bring your VILLAIN PROPS for the photo and SUNGLASSES! 🙂

Reminder for AWE (who’s bringing in props for others…THANKS AWE!)

  1. Stuffed Dalmatian Toy for Rocio
  2. Stick for Kevin
  3. Face Paint
  4. Basket for Ayako
  5. Grey Sheet for Ashwin
  6. Camera

CWW Updates, Final Info, etc!


Here are some final details and reminders before we all head off to CWW tomorrow:

  1. Don’t forget to check and recheck the packing list to make sure you brought everything you need! (Hat and water bottles are a must!)
  2. Leave your electronics (cellphones, ipads, ipods) at home please!
  3. Bring a daypack on the bus with light snacks, a rain jacket or hoodie, water bottle, hat, etc. (Your overnight bag will be stored in the bus luggage compartment so you won’t have access to it for the trip up.)
  4. Don’t forget your House Shirt!

We’ll meet in front of my room (P044) at 7:30am and head over to the bus together!

Get ready for an AWESOME CWW trip!! 🙂