Shane – High Blood Pressure

I chose this topic because I learned that my family had a variety of cases of high blood pressure so I wanted to learn more about it and how it affected me as a teen. I knew little about the topic when I started researching but I did know that high blood pressure caused problems with your heart. I also know to measure high blood pressure you had to use a machine that was wrapped around your arm and then cut off blood circulation but I didn’t know the name of the machine. One of the causes of high blood pressure is a poor diet and not enough exercise so that was a connection to the first unit of wellness. It is important for me to know about high blood pressure because I am more at risk of high blood pressure due to my genes so if I learn more about high blood pressure I can learn about how to prevent it from affecting me. It affects teenagers because what we do as teenagers affects how more or less at risk we are to high blood pressure. Such as if we have a poor diet consisting of a lot of salt we could be at more risk of high blood pressure when we are older. Genetics also can affect your risk of high blood pressure, like me, people’s genetics can affect how much plaque buildup there is in your body which a lot of buildup causes high blood pressure and other problems.

I learned that to measure your blood pressure the machine you use is called a sphygmomanometer. I also learned that exercising and having a good diet lowers your risk of high blood pressure. I also learned that the buildup of plaque in the artery walls is the cause of high blood pressure. I think that this issue is affecting a lot of people in the world but is an issue that can be almost always easily avoided by eating a balanced diet and exercising a decent amount. I think that babies being able to have high blood pressure surprised me the most, nothing else was really unexpected. Now that I know the ways to prevent high blood pressure I can start using that information in my lifestyle, such as how much exercise I get and what type of food I eat. I think one big misunderstanding is that high blood pressure is only due to a poor diet or poor exercise, a big reason people get high blood pressure is because of their genetics and if their family members had it. A problem is that not many people are educated on the causes of high blood pressure so they can’t avoid what they don’t know. A solution to this problem is to educate people more about the issue and how to avoid it. If you already have high blood pressure it can be cured by having a balanced diet and increasing your exercise daily. I think it has shown me more about how important having a balanced diet and getting exercise is.

This image relates to my topic because it shows you how blood pressure is measured so people can understand that a low blood pressure is when there isn’t much force applied to the artery walls, and high blood pressure is when a lot of force is applied to the artery walls.

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