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I chose to do insomnia because I know a few people in my family who have insomnia. Another reason why I chose insomnia is that I know that it has a big effect on teens or at least teens that have insomnia. Finally, I wanted to do this because it is one of the main sleeping disorders and I was always really interested to know what it was. Before doing this project all I knew about insomnia was that it is a sleeping disorder that people can have. I think that it is important to research about this because insomnia can happen when you are a teenager and to know the causes of insomnia could be very useful once I am a teenager. This is also how this topic could eventually affect me. Even if I am a no longer a teenager this could possibly be something that I experience this but throughout adulthood. I could be experiencing different cases of insomnia and to have already understood what insomnia really is will help me.

The main thing that I learned about insomnia is that it is uncontrollable but the best chances of not experiencing insomnia are to have good sleeping habits and a good sleep cycle. One of the main causes of insomnia is because you have irregular sleeping habits, now that I understand how important they are, I will try to maintain good sleeping habits. I used to think that if someone had insomnia it would mean that they would be experiencing it every night but now I know that there are different types of insomnia and it is possible to only experience it for a certain amount of time.

There is more than one solution towards the different stages of insomnia although one of the best long-term solutions is to find the cause of insomnia and try to solve insomnia based on that. Although another solution which would be advised for short-term insomnia is to take sleeping aids so that it would just be fast to fall asleep and to stay asleep, it shouldn’t be used for long-term insomnia. Before doing this project, I had already known the importance of sleeping but now seeing the effects of insomnia make me realize that without sleep it will affect your overall wellness in all 6 areas.

A teenager having trouble falling asleep.

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