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My dad practices yoga everyday for 30 minutes. I was always curious why he would spend mornings curling up in strange positions and stretching out his back, legs and arms. Yoga has always been a big part of my family. My aunt is a yoga teacher while my dad and his siblings practice yoga regularly. Yoga is a combination of meditation, stretching, and breathing that started in India thousands of years ago. There are many different types of yoga. I have read that yoga improves flexibility and improves your posture. I also know that yoga relieves stress and helps calm the mind. Can yoga benefit teenagers too? Of course! Teenagers have stressful, busy lives filled with school work, sports, and other activities. Don’t forget social media too. Most also have problems with concentrating and focusing during class. Yoga can help teens mentally, physically and spiritually. If teens devote at least two to three times a week of yoga practice, they will have less anxiety and have a more positive attitude. Another benefit of yoga is that it can help teens focus on a certain task and greatly improve concentration. These benefits connect to the lessons we learned in Wellness class such as fitness and its components. Also, yoga involves flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, balance and coordination. I find yoga very important because it can benefit so many people even though it is very simple. Unlike other sports and physical activities, yoga can be practiced by anyone because of the following reasons: You don’t necessarily have to pay to practice yoga. You can do yoga at home whenever you can find the time and for as long or short as you want. You don’t require many things: just yourself and a yoga mat – and that isn’t even required! Best of all, yoga is open to everyone no matter what age or weight they are.

What did I learn about yoga?

  • The effects of yoga on teens
  • Where yoga started
  • How it greatly improves both the mind and body of those that practice it regularly
  • What yoga is all about
  • What are the goals of yoga

This really expanded my learning because I wanted to talk about a topic that could greatly benefit us – particularly our age group. I also wanted to choose an activity that was accessible for us. I want to practice more yoga myself. In my opinion, I believe that yoga is very important for everyone because it can benefit any part of your life whether it’s your social, mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical aspect of your life. When I was researching about my topic, I was surprised to see all the benefits of yoga and that it can benefit everyone regardless of your age. I now want to practice yoga more often. Along the way, my thinking has changed a lot. Before doing any research, I thought yoga only helped the body but as it turns out helps the mind as well. Yoga, when practiced a lot also helps one’s spiritual development and makes one aware of  nature around us. Most people hesitate to try yoga. They think they need to be flexible, or that the poses are too demanding. This is a misunderstanding. Yoga starts off really simple and the more you practice it, the harder it gets. It can be as simple as sitting cross-legged and closing your eyes. However, yoga isn’t always as easy as it sounds. It requires one to set aside time each day to practice. It requires some level of dedication and commitment. This helped me learn a lot about wellness. After all yoga can benefit all of the six aspects of wellness: mental, social, physical, environmental, emotional, and spiritual. Namaste.

Yoga’s benefits on teens and children.

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