What is Endorphin?

Many people know that endorphin is the hormone that comes out when you are very happy. But this is wrong. The hormone for happiness is dopamine and endorphin is a hormone that comes out when you feel very stressful and tired. It makes you feel more calm and better so that it is also called ‘Drug hormone’.

Why is endorphin dangerous when it is too many?

It is very dangerous because it is a drug substance in your brain, and you get addictive, you will be hard to be normal again. You would always want to feel the pleasure and try to harm yourself. For example when you are being tortured, large amount of endorphin is being secreted, so that people could die with laughing. Someone who tried to suicide with self-harming, and actually died for 1~2 seconds, some get addicted, and they keep on doing self-harm not for dying, only to feel the pleasure one more time.

Why I chose this topic

I chose this because every day, my father send me a mail about what is good for endorphin secretion, but I already knew that the hormone that comes out when you are happy is dopamine, so I wondered what the endorphin exactly is. It is related to the health unit that we learned for the first unit because we recommended the exercise that is good for the teenager, which is related to the situation when the endorphin secretes.

How did my thinking changed

First, I thought endorphin is not the hormone that is not harmful, and it is good if large amount secretion is going on. But when I knew that some people try to die because of this ‘drug hormone’, I thought that I should be more be careful of every action I take.