Dopamine- Maxine

I chose this topic because it was interesting to know what makes us human beings happy and feel good. Dopamine affects teenagers more than anyone because this a stage of hormones and mood swings, and dopamine has a big part of making you feel good and happy. It affects me greatly because as a teenager, there are more chances of me and other teenagers to feel the effects of dopamine. Before I did some research, I already knew that dopamine was a chemical that makes you feel good. Since there is an increase of dopamine in teenagers, it can cloud the judgement.

 I learned that dopamine isn’t just fun and games. Too much dopamine can potentially prevent you from thinking of the dangers from making a decision, and can damage your future. I honestly didn’t realize that dopamine can be one of the causes of reckless behaviour and can potentially damage your future. This also made me realize that there is always something negative about something even though it seems good. Now if I see teenagers do rebellious things, I partly know why they do it. One solution to this problem is to think twice before doing anything.