The Mandela Effect by Chloe

I chose this issue because this has probably affected some of the people in our grade, and it has already taken place with me. This expands my learning as it makes me more aware of mind related tricks/illusions that happen due to the mind’s complexity. It is important that others are aware of this as well as an explanation to false memories they have in common with a group of people. This affects teenagers as the Mandela Effect can take place with anyone at any time, for several different reasons.

I learned that the Mandela Effect was named after an incident where a group of people believed hearing of Nelson Mandela’s death and even seeing his funeral on TV when, actually, it never happened. It takes place due to seeing alternatives of something too often (such as Berenstain Books, which are thought to be spelled Berenstein possible because of other words such as Einstein), if someone around you says something looks different it may influence your opinion, or because of cognitive dissonance which is when one’s thoughts, opinions or beliefs may change in result of a change in your behavior or attitude. I think that the Mandela Effect is very interesting as it is more than just false memory – it takes place with a group of people. It is interesting that a group of people that can be completely unrelated to each other can all share a false memory. Now I am more aware of the possible tricks a mind can play on one, while the saying is usually about trusting what you see. I have a broader perspective when it comes to people having a false memory now.

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Very common example of the Mandela Effect: <Pokémon> character Pikachu’s tail never originally had a black tip.

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