Health buzz – Fear of long words BY: Tim



I chose this issue because it was Ironic, Sad and i wanted to know how the people with this phobia would react to long words.  This affects me because I live in an international school and I move to different countries a lot. Moving to different countries means that I might then have a chance of meeting someone with this fear so I might be able to help them with this issue. I already knew before i started researching it was the fear of long words or else I didn’t really know anything about the topic.  This issue affects teenagers mostly because friendships are very important at that age. If people think the people who have this phobia are weird they probably don’t want to be friends with them.

I learnt about this issue because the word is sort of Ironic and it’s an interesting word. This expanded my learning of phobias. I found the symptoms really interesting because of what they would do and just words can be scary. Some problems with this issue could be in school as a teenager learning long words could make them start crying run away and have anxiety attacks. This influences my learning in wellness by learning that there is so many parts of wellness and  Phobias are one of them.