Bulimia Nervosa-Sarah

I chose Bulimia Nervosa because I knew a friend who experienced this disorder and I also thought it would be an interesting topic to research about. This affects me because since it is most likely for girls to get it I wanted to make sure I was aware and I also have a sister so I can tell her about that too. I already knew that Bulimia nervosa was a life threatening eating disorder and you purposefully make yourself vomit out your food, I also knew that it was most likely for women to get it than men. This connects to previous learnings because during the nutrition unit we learned that you need a certain amount of a specific food group and when you have bulimia nervosa you cant get that because you either aren’t eating that food and burning up the calories you received from eating that or you are vomiting up that food. This issue is relevant to me because I am a girl so I have a higher chance of getting this eating disorder than others and also it is important because this is life threatening and since I am aware about this topic I can now aware other people about it and prevent people from continuing. This affects teenagers because some teenagers go through really bad insecurity about themselves since they are experiencing that they could then lead to this.

From this issue I learned that I should eat the right amount of foods all the time and that I shouldn’t stop myself from eating because that can lead to very bad causes. This expanded my learning because its given me more ways on how to keep my body healthy and also to keep my health in good shape. My opinion about this issue is they should aware people more about this because it has very bad effects in the end and its common for girls to get it. What surprised me about this issue is that there are actually lost of different symptoms and signs of how to tell when someone has bulimia nervosa. This can be applied to real life situations because when someone has these signs and symptoms and I can then tell what they are going through and also warn them and aware them about what can happen to them and also help them to stop. Some problems about this issue are that its very easy to get because most girls suffer with insecurity and that can easily cause them to become bulimic. This influences my thinking about wellness because I now know that I have to get my right amount of food everyday and I have to balance the amount of workout I have and the amount of food that I eat. 

Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS) – Josh

I chose this issue because I was intrigued by the fact that there is such thing called :Exploding Head Syndrome and wanted to learn more about it. To be honest, this does not affect me nor my family because we do not do things that would increase chances of EHS into our lives. Honestly, I did not know anything about this topic before hand. It was a new topic that I was intrigued about and wanted to learn more. Besides, at least I knew it had something to do with your head. This issue is important because I wanted to warn everyone that this is a benign syndrome and cannot hurt you, therefore there is no reason to freak out if you have it. This affects teenagers because it’s usually at this age where we want to go to sleep very late and wake up very late, usually having a very messed up schedule. This is was promotes EHS and therefore making us vulnerable to experiencing it.

I learned that there are things that could be very scary in life, but can also be harmless, so there is nothing to worry about. I also learned there is something called Exploding Head Syndrome which I thought was very interesting. This expanded my thinking because it helped me learn that there are certain types of suffering that doesn’t require physical pain, and got me thinking of others ways that could make one suffer without physical pain. (Not that I would torture anybody, just saying I was wondering) MY opinion on this issue is that honestly, I think it’s not that bad and that it does not require immediate help if diagnosed with it. Especially knowing the fact that its harmless, just very annoying. What was very surprising about this issue was the fact that it did not need to seek immediate help and was completely harmless. Some misunderstandings about this issue was that at first I thought there was no known cause, but then realized the website was slightly out of date and that there were actually a couple of known causes. Some solutions for this issue is that people could start to lower their stress levels and start going to sleep at a regular and constant time, meaning going to sleep everyday at the same time, so that your brain does not get confused during sleep. This influenced my thinking of wellness because I thought wellness was only about being healthy and maintaining your body in a good shape, but now I know there is psychological things involved.

Suicide: Why people do it, how to help, and warning signs- Fiona

I chose this issue because I wanted to understand why people choose to commit suicide.  Another reason that I wanted to do do this was because of the book, 13 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher. The book is about a teenage girl who commits suicide and sends tapes out to the 13 people who had an influence o her decisions.  This issue affects teenagers because all teens go through stages where they feel uncertain and scared and uncomfortable about themselves and the life that they are living and one thought that probably goes through their brain is about suicide and maybe death.  I learned that people kill themselves to get away from the problem, they have made a big mistake, they are depressed, or they just want to die.

I learned that there are many reasons that people commit suicide, social concerns and mental health concerns. I also learned that you can stop a person from killing themselves by simply listening to them and showing that you care.  This topic is relevant to wellness because one cause of suicide is depression and depression is an indication of mental health problems.

This is a semi colin, it is a symbol of surviving or stopping suicidal thoughts or attempts.   The semi colin is used because the author could have ended the sentence but she continued it. The person who survived or chose to stop the attempts and thoughts could have stopped their life forever but instead they chose to continue it.