Pilar- The importance of a proper nutrition in the Philippines

Why did I choose this issue?  I chose this issue because in the country that we live on there are many kids which have many health issues because of poor nutritions. And I wanted to research about why, so I found out many families cannot afford a proper nutrition like we can, so they buy rice that it’s cheap and they are full for the rest of the day. So why do they eat it? Many people do not know that eating rice alone in every meal is not good for their health so they just eat it. So why is it important? it important that this families learn that not having a proper nutrition is important because they can get ill very easily and in many ways, such us diabetes, cancer, physical growth, brain development, increase risk of obesity and more…

What did I learn about this issue? I learned that as people cannot afford a healthy alimentation they just eat rice and they don’t really care because they don’t know that it is not good for them so as I was researching there was a man that just said “to feel full just eat rice” it is true that you get full fast but that is not right you’r plate should always be separated into four groups and those are Grains, Proteins, Fruits, and Vegetables that is what kids should it to grow up healthy and strong. How has my thinking changed? It changed because I didn’t know that the food could give you such terrible sicknesses, and who would have guessed that many Filipinos got this sicknesses because of their poor nutrition. What is my thinking about this issue? I think it was a really interesting topic to research about  since our country that we live in is having so much problems because many people cannot afford a complete healthy dish to have a proper nutrition.  

CIP Hassan

What is it about

My presentation is about Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. This presentation was fun but disgusting at the same time. CIP is when people have a disability and can’t feel pain. This means that when something happens to them they won’t feel it and can be life threatening. Till now there have only been 20 cases reported in the scientific literature.

I thought in the beginning, that CIP was a cool condition but now I know that it is very dangerous. If something happens to me on the outside I can see it but If something happens to me in the inside I won’t feel it it could be life threatening.




How has my thinking changed