Luis Felix – Depression

I chose my HealthBuzz topic on depression because I think that it’s really interesting how the mind works and how hormones change during puberty, so I thought that everyone should be aware of this topic as it may happen to anyone now or in the near future. Since social media is commonly used between our family, there are higher chances for me or one of my siblings to go through depression. Before the presentation, I knew that depression wasn’t a really big topic that could really use awareness. Last year in my wellness class, I learned a bit about depression and I thought it was very interesting so I did more research. I think depression is very important because some people commit suicide or have suicidal thoughts because of something they might have done wrong. I believe that this affects teenagers because we are going through puberty which is the main point when people start getting signs of depression.

While doing reasearch, I learned that depression is a life or death illness with not much awareness. This expanded my learning because now if I see people that look, feel or act depressed, I will know how to help them even if they say that they are fine. In my opinion, it’s ok to go through sadness as it’s a normal stage in life, but depression is something that if it’s not treated, it can have a bad impact on your life. What was interesting about depression is how the body and mind changes to negatively impact the way someone feels. Because I now know that little things like exercise can cure depression, I could do more exercise to improve my wellbeing and to decrease my chances of depression.Sometimes, people misunderstand anxiety and depression. Anxiety is a feeling of worry or nervousness, not an illness that negatively impacts your body.  The least expensive way to cure some parts of depression is to do exercise, the other way is to talk to a psychotherapist. This influences my thinking in wellness as I became interested in hormones and genes, and it will be a topic that will be talked about later on.

This photo relates to depression as I found out that when someone asks for help, they usually say, “I’m fine.”. When I saw this picture I found out that this is what they probably really feel or something else depending on the situation. Depression can be really weird if no help is used.

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