Hafizh – Autism

I chose this topic because I’ve seen people with Autism and I’m curious on how people get this or why and this topic has affected many lives and including people in the Philippines. Autism is relevant to me because when I go to a Saturday Service I see that the common thing around are that people have Autism and if I learn more about it I could help these people easier. It affects teenagers because Autism can develop during your teen age and might be negative for you an example would be difficult making friends cause you would be at school.

I learned that people with Autism can get moody in random times, they might get aggressive or might be depressed for no reason. I think that Autism is just something in your way and you must learn ways that will help you. My thinking has changed in Wellness because people with Autism have low Emotional Health and Social Health while Physical Health might be higher, this means that you should learn how to be happier and to talk to people you have a common sport and play with them.

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