Amanta – Dehydration

I choose this issue because drinking enough water is very important to your body and many people don’t know that they aren’t drinking enough. I am affected in this problem because I lack drinking 7 cups per day. Therefor I had to deal with many problems such as headaches, dizziness, problems with my digestive system, and my hair, nails, and skin were damaged. I know that teenagers should drink 7-8 cups of water per day. Living in a country with a hot climate, you can easily get dehydrated and in ISM it is a requirement to bring a water bottle to school. This issue is relevant to me because I had many problems with my digestive system, I would always have headaches, and many more issues  2 years ago and I didn’t know that I wasn’t drinking enough water. Many people struggle with this.

I learned that our body’s are 65% made of water. Knowing this, it made sense why you needed to drink so much water.  I understand why this is a common issue. And that’s because water taste plain for many people. I was surprised that 75% people in America are dehydrated everyday. Now I know the many consequences of such a simple thing as drinking water. I don’t really understand where all of that water goes because 7-8 cups is a lot. Many don’t remember to drink water throughout the day and a solution for that is to keep your water bottle in near you at all times. Another simple solution to this issue is just to bring a water bottle to school. If you really don’t like the taste of water you could add some fruit to your water so it’ll taste less plain. This makes me think more about how simplest thing like not drinking enough water can cause such big problems and this makes me want to drink more water.

Image result for dehydration

This images relates to my topic because this shows what happens when you don’t drink enough water.

Sleep – Nishika

I picked this issue because many people especially teens do not get enough sleep which is an important part in their growth and development. I see my brother,friends sometimes complain of lack of sleep so I thought of choosing this topic. I searched google and also learned from my parents about importance of sleep.
This topic is relevant to me as sometimes I also do not get enough sleep and those days I see that I am lazy,not active,not able to concentrate etc and hence i thought to researching this subject.
I learned the following:
– what is sleep
-why is sleep important
-how does it affect teenagers
-some interesting facts about sleep.
As we all here are teens we all should get 8 to 9 hours of sleep. And remember if you want a better growth and development in yourself you should get to bed early, reduce caffeine, avoid watching TV and mobile before sleep and get the amount of sleep which you need.
Yes, this project changed my thinking as before I was having lack of sleep sometimes and I was not fully aware about the importance of adequate sleep and now that I know about the importance of proper sleep, I have changed my habits and behaviour towards sleep so that it can contribute to my growth and development.