Shingles by Ian Curry

The issue is Shingles/Herpes Zoster.

This issue is important because it affects most people who have had chickenpox and can be spread through direct contact with the blister, and affects .

I picked this issue because it is a contagious rash that causes itches, deep pain, blisters. Shingles/Herpes Zoster is common in older people and those with weaker immune systems due to stress, medication, etc. I also chose this because it affects the members of my family and I would like to know more about it so I can help them in the future.


This issue affects teenagers because teenagers who have had chickenpox are at risk for developing shingles in the future and it is beneficial for them to know how to deal with it.

I learned that there is a diagnosis for Shingles if it is taken before the virus fully develops. I also learned that it is able to affect a person more than once, although uncommon.

Some interesting facts about this issue are:

  1. If a Shingles rash develops near the eye, it may lead to future vision loss.
  2.  Damaged nerve fibers in the skin due to Shingles, send confused messages to the brain causing chronic pains that can last for a long time after the rash has gone.
  3.  Shingles developing on the face can lead to facial paralysis, hearing problems, and balance problems due to how Shingles affects the nerves connecting to the brain.

I believe that this is an important health problem to take note of because it may affect close relatives and we should know how to treat them and get them correct treatment to aid them.

This affects me because many of the members of my family could develop the virus and I need to know how to care for them, just as others would for their family members.

Solutions to this problem include, pain-killers, diagnosis before developing the rash, and anti-viral medications.

Problems: Extremely painful, affects nerve signals, may lead to sight, hearing, and balance problems.


In conclusion, this issue is important for you to know about because it will allow you to help yourself, others, and relatives if they develop the virus.  To help solve this problem, you can help those close to you with the virus get the diagnosis before the virus fully develops. This issue is important to me because the my parents and grandparents will possibly develop the virus in the future, and I want to know how to help them when the time comes.

Social Media by Haruka

I chose this topic because right now many people are getting addicted to it and it is affecting many people. Social media also affects me because when I starts to watch anime or youtube or look at Instagram I can’t stop playing around with it. Sometimes I ended up staying up late and did nothing. So I limited myself. I said that I’m only going to watch 1 episode each day. Or don’t even watch it. I knew that social media is addicting but I still play around with it because it’s fun.

I learned ways to stop you from playing around with social media. You can turn off the notifications, make new hobbies, meet people in real life, remove cellphone apps that you usually play around with, limit yourself and spend more time with your family and your friends.

Morgan – Introverts and Extroverts

I chose this issue because I’m personally affected by the general population’s misconceptions on introverts and extroverts. Having extremely introverted habits and behaviors has caused bullying in my life, and enhanced my introverted side. Before I studied this project, I already knew how having introverted or extroverted personalities can affect one’s life. It can determine the type of job you’ll have, who you’ll spend your free time with, your significant other, and the way you think about things or solve problems. Growing up with an introverted personality, I’ve had experience with people not understanding the way I think because it’s entirely cerebral. This has caused me to not only hope to not work with others, but to also look down on others when I’m forced to work with them. This issue affects teenagers because it can vary how well you do in class, who you’re friends with, how deep of conversations you’re capable of, and how you approach people you don’t know. Teenagers can be extremely affected by society when it comes to being an introvert or extrovert. When you’re teenager, you’re very susceptible to the opinions of others, and many people openly judge one another. These opinions of others can lead to bullying, depression, and can even cause an increase in introverted behaviors.

Through this issue, I’ve learned that it’s not just the personalities between introverts and extroverts that make them different from each other, but it’s also that introverted brains react differently to dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that provides motivation to achieve external rewards. There is no difference between the amount of dopamine in the separate brains, it’s just the difference between the activity. There is more activity in the brain of an extrovert than in the brain of an introvert. My opinion on this topic will always stay the same, however in can be enhanced. I’ve always believed that these labels do not lessen a person, it’s just that humans need to label it so that they can better understand it. The only thing that was surprising to me about this topic was the fact that the brains between introverts and extroverts work differently when it involves dopamine. There are some huge misconceptions about introverts and extroverts that pushed me to study this topic for my Health Buzz. One of the main ones is that introverts are always depressed or sad and don’t have any friends. This isn’t true at all. Introverts just see a different way to spend free time than extroverts, and don’t like having a large group of friends. I, for instance, would rather be at home with a good book and tea than going to a concert with my friends. Plus, just because someone’s sad or depressed doesn’t mean they’re an introvert, it just means that they have problems in their lives that are making them sad. Another misunderstanding on the topic is that everyone belongs either to one or the other. This is not true at all. Just because I’m shy at first glance doesn’t mean that when I know you well enough I won’t be bouncing off the walls. I do have an abundance of introverted attributes, but I also have extroverted attributes as well. Everyone does. No one just belongs to one category. One solution to these misconceptions is that humans can be more open minded about the subject. If someone has introverted or extroverted attributes, that doesn’t define them as a person.

Image result for introverts and extroverts

(This is a photo of the skills of introverts and extroverts.)

Cheshna – Malaria


The topic I chose was malaria. I chose this topic because I wanted to find out how dangerous malaria actually is and what types of mosquitoes transmit the disease. It doesn’t really affect me but it bugs me that so many people die from this disease every year and I barely see anyone take any precautions. This might affect teenagers because malaria kills mostly children every year and teenagers are still kind of children.

I learned that malaria can be transmitted by the bite of a female anopheles mosquito and that the symptoms can be very mild or very severe and it can take from 9 – 40 days for the symptoms to show. Malaria kills an estimated 660,000 people per year and I think the reason that so many people die from malaria is because they don’t take enough precautions. For example, when you go out for a walk in the park or outside you should be wearing mosquito repellent or a mosquito band or even a mosquito sticker. A female anopheles can bite anyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult, it will bite anyone and the person will get symptoms such as moderate to severe shaking chills, high fever, sweating, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea. I knew that this disease was a dangerous disease but I never actually knew how many people it killed per year and what the symptoms really were but now my thinking has changed because I have learnt that malaria is deadlier than I thought.

This picture shows an anopheles mosquito (the mosquito that spreads malaria)

Pnuemonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis- Angela

The fact that it’s the longest word in the English language and it’s a disease fascinated me. Pnuemonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis can’t exactly effect me or my family, It’s because the environment that we live in isn’t one where you’re most likely to develop the disease. Miners are more likely to get this disease, for example, If a miner is a quartz miner he is more exposed to inhalation of silica dust and if he is exposed to that for more than 10 years then the disease becomes chronic. When I first heard the disease I thought it was caused by the inhalation of fine volcanic dust and that’s it, I didn’t know that there was more. I’m not quite sure if I can connect this to whatever we learned in wellness class in 7th grade. For people who live in the same environment as I do (like teenagers, kids and people living away from mine) it isn’t very important but for miners it’s extremely important to be cautious of this disease especially mining around quartz.

I learned about the different symptoms of Pnuemonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis and the treatments for the symptoms. I learned more about the different diseases of coniosis. In my opinion I think Pnuemonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is very fun and interesting to research and to find out more about the different coniosis diseases. Something that was really unexpected for me was that pnuemonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis fell under a categorie of coniosis diseases, I thought that there is only one type of disease. I will definitely be more cautious with my surroundings more often. A lot of people think that because it’s a really long word its a complicated disease, but it isn’t as complicated as other diseases. There are solutions to the treatments but not for the actual disease.


My topic is music. I chose this topic because I use music to relax and relieve stress and it work! I wanted to find out why. Music can help reduce depression and relieve stress. It can also make you feel better by releasing the feel good chemical, dopamine. Many teenagers have anxiety and depression. It can reduce the pain for depression for up to 25%.

 Music affects your exercise, effects health, affects parts of you, and reduces stress.  The tempo of the music can effect the heart rate of a person. When they listen to lively music then their heart rate increases and if they listen to slow music then the heart rate reduces. It doesn’t matter wether the person likes the song or not it can reduce heart rate This is how a person can relax by listening to music. Classical music has the main effects on people but if you listen to to load music then it could just be distracting.  Listening to music can reduce  pain from a range of conditions, such as osteoarthritis, disc problems and rheumatoid arthritis, by up to 21% and depression by up to 25%.  people with high blood pressure by listening to classical music can control themselves to lower it down. Music can  improve memory and memory and the sharpness of the brain.  Music is like an exercise to the brain. It keeps an ageing brain healthy. Listening everyday can help improve stress levels. But it depends on the type of music. People react to the music in different ways.  It depends on the situation and the individual.  You have to listen to music that you like and effects you positively. Music can have a positive effect on your mood and reduce anxiety and depression. It can also make you feel exited sad or happy or even pumped up. Music releases dopamine which is the feel good chemical which makes you feel positive. 


Dissociative Identity Disorder – Amina

The health issue I would like to present today is Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Identity Disorder. This issue is important because many people don’t know what this disorder is. Therefore it can be misunderstood very easily. I picked this issue because I thought it was a very interesting and I wanted to understand it better.

This issue affects teenagers because recently it was mentioned in a film called, Split. D.I.D. was represented as something quite terrifying but it was very exaggerated. Most people with the disorder have been abused and the main character in the film is shown as the abuser. This doesn’t add up because the people with D.I.D. would strive to be unlike their tormentors not one of them. Finally, most people with D.I.D. are depressed, self harm and are suicidal so becoming violent is extremely unlikely.

D.I.D. is a severe mental disorder where a person feels disconnected from their thoughts, feelings, actions and overall identity. The number one cause of D.I.D. is trauma (severe and/or prolonged) that was usually experienced in childhood. Another popular cause is mental, physical, sexual and emotional abuse also experienced during childhood. It can also be caused by the lack of comfort and care given after trauma/abuse, the ability to generally be able to dissociate easily and finally, using dissociation as a protection blanket to cope with trauma. Dissociation causes them to have what is known as, multiple personalities which causes odd memory loss when the personalities switch control.

This shows how people with D.I.D. can have multiple personalities with different ages, genders, lifestyles and so on.

Because of the symptoms of D.I.D. (depression, suicidal thoughts, self harm, etc) the medication prescribed are anti-depressants. But there hasn’t been enough funding for research so that they can make something to deal with the dissociation. At the moment, there is therapy of different kinds available such as: family therapy, cognitive therapy, creative therapy and psychotherapy. Hopefully, if more come to know about this issue there will be more research into it.

To conclude, I think this issue is important to know about becasue if you come in contact with someone with D.I.D. you should know that they aren’t dangerous. In fact, they could be more of a threat to themselves than to you. To help solve this problem, never harm children.

Pilar- The importance of a proper nutrition in the Philippines

Why did I choose this issue?  I chose this issue because in the country that we live on there are many kids which have many health issues because of poor nutritions. And I wanted to research about why, so I found out many families cannot afford a proper nutrition like we can, so they buy rice that it’s cheap and they are full for the rest of the day. So why do they eat it? Many people do not know that eating rice alone in every meal is not good for their health so they just eat it. So why is it important? it important that this families learn that not having a proper nutrition is important because they can get ill very easily and in many ways, such us diabetes, cancer, physical growth, brain development, increase risk of obesity and more…

What did I learn about this issue? I learned that as people cannot afford a healthy alimentation they just eat rice and they don’t really care because they don’t know that it is not good for them so as I was researching there was a man that just said “to feel full just eat rice” it is true that you get full fast but that is not right you’r plate should always be separated into four groups and those are Grains, Proteins, Fruits, and Vegetables that is what kids should it to grow up healthy and strong. How has my thinking changed? It changed because I didn’t know that the food could give you such terrible sicknesses, and who would have guessed that many Filipinos got this sicknesses because of their poor nutrition. What is my thinking about this issue? I think it was a really interesting topic to research about  since our country that we live in is having so much problems because many people cannot afford a complete healthy dish to have a proper nutrition.  

CIP Hassan

What is it about

My presentation is about Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. This presentation was fun but disgusting at the same time. CIP is when people have a disability and can’t feel pain. This means that when something happens to them they won’t feel it and can be life threatening. Till now there have only been 20 cases reported in the scientific literature.

I thought in the beginning, that CIP was a cool condition but now I know that it is very dangerous. If something happens to me on the outside I can see it but If something happens to me in the inside I won’t feel it it could be life threatening.




How has my thinking changed

Color Blindness / Catarina

Color blindness is a rare condition identified as the inability to clearly identify different colors of the color wheel. The difficulties can be low but sometimes dangerous. Many people confuse this term as the same thing as compelete blindness which is a common misunderstanding.

In the human eye there are “receptor cells” called cones, these are found in the retina (a light sensitive tissue found in the back of your eye, that identifies light rays). Each person should have three types of cones, red, green and blue. This is what enables most people to see all colors. Any damage or abnormal deficiency in the cones can lead to unusual color vision.

There are nine types of color blindness. The first four lie under the catagory of red-green color blindness, these are. Protanomaly, this is when the cone is abnormal and the colors red, yellow and orange are veiwed as darker than usual. This is a mild diagnoses and only affects 1 percent of males. The next is Protanopia similar, but red is identified as black and orange, yellow and green are seen as the same color. Deuteranomaly and Deuteranopia similar to each other Deuteranopia is a major colorblindness when you are only able to identify brownish yellow, red and mix green with beige. There is also another stage of color blindness that involves Blue – Yellow. Tritanomaly is the difficulty to see blue as it appears green and yellow can be confused as red and pink. This is an extremely rare disorder. Tritanopia people who lack blue cone cells, their color appears as greener also difficult to identify yellow and red from pink. Last stage is Compelete color blindness Rod monochromacy or achromatopsia and Cone monochromacy the most severe of the two, Rod monochromacy or achromatopsia. This disorder is diagnosed at birth and is when people see the world in black and white, this virus can make people uncomfortable in bright enviroments and also might suffer photophobia (bright lights damage your pupils).

INTERESTING FACT 1.8% of males have color blindness when 1 out of 200 women have color blindness 4.5%  percent of entire population

Most color blindness comes from genetices or is presented at birth. Color vision problems can also be attained by natural causes such as, aging, any injury in the eye and side effects from medicine. Symptoms are not being able to see all colors and not having the ability to identify different shades of a color. In addition color blindness is most commonly found in males. As an acception there are also young girls that atain color blindness but that eases as they grow. Although most people with colorblindness are dont improve overtime and sometimes worsen over time.

Unfortunatley inherited color blindness may not be treated permanently. Although there are Color Blind glasses that can temporarly let a person see color for the duration the glasses are on for.

While researching this concept I learnt that there are many different categories of color blindness and how people can be diagnosed with color blindness. I also learnt that color blindness is a serious issue for people’s daily lives, it is a struggle for them to identify such things as a stop sign red-green while driving.The reason why I chose to do this project was that my father and I are both color blind I have very mild colorblindness, but my dad has a hard time identifying colors. I was interested to find out what stage of colorblindnes I was, and was surprised to find that my color blindness stage is Tritanopia.

Image result for color blindness Image result for color blindness eye