Uner Tan Syndrome – Bailey

I chose to talk about Uner Tan Syndrome because I thought it was a strange and interesting disease that I would want to further inquire. I’ve never heard anything like it, and it peeked my curiosity. This syndrome is important because it might be a new breakthrough with genes and how we can alter them. This issue affects teenagers if your parents were to possibly have this, it would be hard to talk to them and have a relationship with them since they can’t communicate. This could harm you because you’re going through the stage of finding yourself out, and you need parental support.

When studying Uner Tan Syndrome, I learned something called reverse evolution. This syndrome expanded my learning about how the effects of different things could cause different things to happen.I believe that this is a very serious issue, but it can only affect specific people. So far only people who are from Turkey have been diagnosed with this syndrome. At first, I only knew if people who had this acted like animals, I didn’t know that they couldn’t speak English, only in grunts or not at all. At first, I didn’t think it was a good thing that at all, but then I did some more research and now I know that it could be a great thing for humankind to study people with this syndrome to find out more about our genes. A lot of people believe that it’s not a big deal, and kinda cool to have this syndrome. Some problems may be the fact that people who have Uner Tan Syndrome cannot do much on their own. Another problem is the fact that they can’t communicate so we wouldn’t be able to understand what they were saying if they possibly needed help. This makes me think more about the scientific side of wellness and how this could contribute to how we act around other people.

This image is related to my issue because it is part of a clip in a documentary about a family that has Uner Tan Syndrome. The documentary is called, “The Family That Walks On All Fours.”

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