Jakob -Health buzz on Tourette syndrome

  • Why did you choose this issue?: I chose this issue because many people have Tourette syndrome and I also found this condition very interesting.
  •  What are your connections?: Because I feel like this issue is something most people don’t know about and people misinterpret this as a condition contagiously passed. Its a lifelong condition that people need to understand. 
  • How does this expand your learnIng? This helped me understand more about Tourette syndrome and how it affects people especially when they are bullied. They are triggered by stress and anxiety, and this normally because people make fun of them. 
  • How is this issue relevant to you? Why is it important? It relates to me because I thought it was not a big problem but it is, its incurable and people deal with it everyday. 
  • How does it affect teenagers?: Teenagers are affected because teenagers who have this condition often get judged or bullied.
  • What did you learn about this issue?: I learned that Tourette syndrome cannot be cured but can be controlled through medication and coping strategies to relax which help minimise their tics.
  • What is your thinking/summary about this issue?: I think this issue is very important because most people don’t understand the condition and they tend to judge which is an unacceptable thing. We need to respect everyone.
  • How has your thinking changed?: This changed my thinking about people with Tourette syndrome because there is more to the condition that I thought. At first I thought it was just a simple condition that can be cured but it is something that people should be aware about. 

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