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I chose this topic because I’ve tried Japanese psychological games that have done basic analysis, and I have seen versions of tests in movies and games, so I was fascinated to learn more. It affects me because it gives me a better understanding of how professionals deal with problems, and how answers can be analyzed and understood from different perspectives. Before I knew about how symbolism was used in situations which were given as prompts to find out information about a patient and their problem. I also heard about the ink blot test, which analyzed what a patient saw in an inkblot. It is relevant to me because I may realize that there is someone I know who could benefit from psychology testing. This is important because psychology tests can benefit people who are in need of help dealing with problems, by helping a professional determine how to help the person, as well as better understand the problem. It affects teenagers because in the teenage stage of life, lots of changes are going on and life is advancing and becoming more complicated. During this process, problems can arise in one’s life, which can become overwhelming and confusing (like dealing with stress, or struggling with relationships). Psychology testing can help a professional better understand what a teenager could be going through and determine what to do to help them.

I learned a lot more about psychological testing, like how there are different categories of tests (IQ, personality, aptitude/achievement, behavioral, etc;), the importance of psychological testing (how beneficial it can be to help someone solve their problems), more details about the process of psychological testing (how long it can take, the different forms, and how suited it is to the patient, like in the picture below, where the psychologist positively listens to the boy’s explanation), and some other examples of popular psychology tests (Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale,Thematic Apperception Test, etc;). It expanded my learning by learning more about the different aspects of psychology, and how answers can be prompted and analyzed in different ways, like how the boy in the picture below seemed to have been prompted to explain thoughts about the picture, which the psychologist will analyze. I believe that psychological testing is very beneficial to helping people determine and sort through their problems, but that there should be more projective tests, since the answers will be more truthful due to the fact that the patient doesn’t understand the analysis of their answers until it’s given to them. Projective tests are also more interesting and meaningful, even though they are said to have less accurate results. I found it surprising how many different versions of tests there can be for the many different aspects of psychology. It also surprised me how less common projective tests are, since those are always the types of psychological tests that I see on media. My thinking has changed by expanding my knowledge and understanding about psychology as well as the treatment and identification of emotional and mental problems. Some misunderstandings about this topic are exactly the things that surprised me: there are not a few different tests used by all psychologists, in fact, there are many and for many different aspects; also projective tests are not very common, there are more paper-pencil tests with questions. Some problems about psychological testing are┬ábelieving that online IQ tests are the same as one with a psychologist, when in fact it leaves out many things, and is not accurate. As well as how some people look up test responses to tests they believe they may have to take to help them ‘succeed’, when really, there is no wrong or right in psychological testing, and not giving your own answers can give false analysis, which doesn’t help. It’s also important to not be afraid of testing and psychologists, since they can help you with your problems, and to get the help if you need it. This influences my thinking about wellness by shedding more light onto the emotional and mental parts of wellness through psychological testing. I know more information about mental and emotional problems, as well as how they can be positively analyzed and treated, like in the picture below.

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