I chose to do this issue, Ebola because I thought that it was a very interesting and fascinating disease and also because it was all over the news a few years ago. This Ebola disease comes from Africa, it comes from wild animals. This disease can also be connected to many other diseased, such as Malaria, Dengue, etc. All of those diseases can kill a human person. This disease could happen anywhere in the world if someone where to have it and pass it on and that person would pass it on again and eventually lead to a country where I live in and I might get it. This is important because we wouldn’t want anyone getting the disease because if someone here get’s it, they might die because it is a very deadly disease and there might be an outbreak here because that person might pass it on. In March, 2014, there was an ebola outbreak in West Africa, many people, including children, died. This disease not only can affect teenagers, but anyone, any human being. Because if a person that has Ebola, spits on a teenager, the teenager will have Ebola, because the person with Ebola just coughed his saliva which has Ebola, which means the teenager will also have the disease, it is very contagious.


I learned that more than 23000 people died from Ebola, which is a very high number. I also learned that Ebola causes internal bleeding inside of your body. To summarize this all up, I would say that Ebola is a very bad disease because it makes people suffer, it kills young children and it kills people/human beings. Some problems this disease cause is, high fever, vomiting, stomach pain, weakness, etc. Some solutions to this disease is to take vaccines to help prevent this disease, take medications, and try to be less with wild animals.


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