Banana Lectin – Joanne Lee


I picked this issue because I was intrigued that bananas could prevent cancer. This affects me because now I know that just eating bananas can help me not become sick. Before I studied deeply about banana lectin I knew that bananas had a lot of potassium which helps with anxiety, stress, water balance, relief from strokes, and much more. This connected my previous learning in Wellness last year when we learnt about the food plate. Now I am fully aware of the benefits of fruit. Banana lectin helps prevent cancer. 64% of teens in the world were diagnosed with cancer. So now I can be aware of the benefits of bananas, thus wanting me to eat more bananas. In conclusion, this issue is important for you to know about because it prevents an individual from getting sick just by eating bananas. 

There are good and bad cells in our body. The good cells are called immune system cells and the bad cells are called virus cells. Banana lectin multiples cells. It multiplies immune system cells which help fight viruses, but on the other hand, it also multiplies virus cells. To eliminate the bad effects of banana lectin, scientists are working on recreating the structure of banana lectin to only multiply immune system cells. Thus not cost any harm in our body. Nowadays they are studying the structure of banana lectin so it can be applied in medicine and use to cure cancer. It expanded my learning to understand how cancer cells work. That out of one simple fruit doctors and scientists were able to use it in the advanced medicine technology. An interesting thing was that one banana a day keeps the doctor away. This changed me think that fruits have benefits that may save your life. You can prevent cancer from doing an act of something so simple. People misunderstand that banana lectin also come in pill form, this is not true, but scientists are working on it. The problem with banana lectin is that bananas have virus cells, and the solution to this is to recreate the structure to eliminate the virus cells. This influenced my thinking of wellness by making me want to eat healthier.