The topic I am going to be sharing is depression. The reason I chose depression is because it is the lead to the third most caused death in my age group. This affects me because it can open up my thinking and my point of view on what depression is. I didn’t know much about depression only that if it gets to serious that it can lead to suicide. This is important to all of us because it can help us understand what depression is so that in the future we can avoid it.

I have learned that depression is really important to understand so that we won’t be a victim of it. This expanded my learning because it can give more information to those who need it. It unexpected when I read that the age group that has the least amount of depression was between 60-65 of age. Some misunderstandings of depression is that it is exactly like sadness, when it is definitely not. One of the biggest problems of depression is suicide, but can be stopped by moral support.


Anorexia: Kiana Hudaya

Anorexia is a psychological eating disorder that is shown through extremely low body fat. I chose to further research about this topic, because anorexia is affecting as many as 1 in 100 females, and this issue is commonly based off of society’s ideal body types. A person with anorexia would usually define their self worth using their body image and physical appearance. People with anorexia also preoccupy themselves with being skinny. So much so, that if they are the ideal weight for their age and height, they’d still think of themselves as overweight. I think that this is an important subject to further discuss, because even though anorexia is a life-threatening eating disorder, it’s mindset of being underweight solely for their body image can be easily perpetuated by the current media and one’s environment. Not only does this issue affect teenager’s self-esteem, but anorexia can further lead to damaged organs, drop in blood pressure, pulse and breathing rates, death from starvation, irregular heartbeat, and more. Someone usually gets anorexia at the age 14 or so, and 9 of 10 people who have anorexia are girls. Anorexia is an, unfortunately, common issue within teenage girls, which is why I would like to further inform people about it.

I used to think that anorexia is simply just a sickness in which someone wasn’t eating enough. Which I think is a common misunderstanding, because in actuality, anorexia is much more than that. Anorexia can be linked to perfectionism, and owning a distorted body image. Another misunderstanding is that anyone who is skinny has anorexia. This is a misunderstanding, because being anorexic means owning a thinking pattern or psychological idea in which they are always over weight, when they are not. Anorexia can be caused by biological and environmental factors. I learnt that one of the biggest causes of anorexia is the reinforcement of having skinny being the ideal body type. A person suffering with anorexia may be depressed, anxious, moody, etc. Some solutions to anorexia is psychological therapy and supervised weight gain. This learning has helped me become more open-minded and sensitive towards people not being able to accept their body image, and I will now encourage them to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

This picture portrays the thinking of someone suffering from anorexia.

Dex – Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Over 16% of humans will experience anxiety at least once in their lifetime.

I chose this issue because it was a topic that I have been interested in for a long time, and I thought that I have a good reason, I should probably choose anxiety to use as my topic.

It affects me in the way of everyday anxiety, like how I got nervous about doing the presentation today.

What I knew about anxiety was very little information. I knew that it had to do with being nervous and stressed.

Anxiety connects to previous learning and class experiences as to when I learn, I could get nervous about a task or presentation.

It is relevant to me because I get quite nervous sometimes.

One way that anxiety affects teenagers is when something happens that lowers their self-esteem it could make us anxious about going there again with those people.

One thing that I learned about anxiety is that it affects 16% of people throughout their lifetime.

It expanded my learning by allowing me to learn all of definitions, and things like that. As it is very common, I was able to learn about so many things that have to do with anxiety.

I was surprised by how you easily you could work away everyday anxiety.

A misunderstanding about Anxiety is that it is always a diagnosed disorder. However, anxiety is as common being nervous for a job interview.