Jakob -Health buzz on Tourette syndrome

  • Why did you choose this issue?: I chose this issue because many people have Tourette syndrome and I also found this condition very interesting.
  •  What are your connections?: Because I feel like this issue is something most people don’t know about and people misinterpret this as a condition contagiously passed. Its a lifelong condition that people need to understand. 
  • How does this expand your learnIng? This helped me understand more about Tourette syndrome and how it affects people especially when they are bullied. They are triggered by stress and anxiety, and this normally because people make fun of them. 
  • How is this issue relevant to you? Why is it important? It relates to me because I thought it was not a big problem but it is, its incurable and people deal with it everyday. 
  • How does it affect teenagers?: Teenagers are affected because teenagers who have this condition often get judged or bullied.
  • What did you learn about this issue?: I learned that Tourette syndrome cannot be cured but can be controlled through medication and coping strategies to relax which help minimise their tics.
  • What is your thinking/summary about this issue?: I think this issue is very important because most people don’t understand the condition and they tend to judge which is an unacceptable thing. We need to respect everyone.
  • How has your thinking changed?: This changed my thinking about people with Tourette syndrome because there is more to the condition that I thought. At first I thought it was just a simple condition that can be cured but it is something that people should be aware about. 


I chose to do this issue, Ebola because I thought that it was a very interesting and fascinating disease and also because it was all over the news a few years ago. This Ebola disease comes from Africa, it comes from wild animals. This disease can also be connected to many other diseased, such as Malaria, Dengue, etc. All of those diseases can kill a human person. This disease could happen anywhere in the world if someone where to have it and pass it on and that person would pass it on again and eventually lead to a country where I live in and I might get it. This is important because we wouldn’t want anyone getting the disease because if someone here get’s it, they might die because it is a very deadly disease and there might be an outbreak here because that person might pass it on. In March, 2014, there was an ebola outbreak in West Africa, many people, including children, died. This disease not only can affect teenagers, but anyone, any human being. Because if a person that has Ebola, spits on a teenager, the teenager will have Ebola, because the person with Ebola just coughed his saliva which has Ebola, which means the teenager will also have the disease, it is very contagious.


I learned that more than 23000 people died from Ebola, which is a very high number. I also learned that Ebola causes internal bleeding inside of your body. To summarize this all up, I would say that Ebola is a very bad disease because it makes people suffer, it kills young children and it kills people/human beings. Some problems this disease cause is, high fever, vomiting, stomach pain, weakness, etc. Some solutions to this disease is to take vaccines to help prevent this disease, take medications, and try to be less with wild animals.


Uner Tan Syndrome – Bailey

I chose to talk about Uner Tan Syndrome because I thought it was a strange and interesting disease that I would want to further inquire. I’ve never heard anything like it, and it peeked my curiosity. This syndrome is important because it might be a new breakthrough with genes and how we can alter them. This issue affects teenagers if your parents were to possibly have this, it would be hard to talk to them and have a relationship with them since they can’t communicate. This could harm you because you’re going through the stage of finding yourself out, and you need parental support.

When studying Uner Tan Syndrome, I learned something called reverse evolution. This syndrome expanded my learning about how the effects of different things could cause different things to happen.I believe that this is a very serious issue, but it can only affect specific people. So far only people who are from Turkey have been diagnosed with this syndrome. At first, I only knew if people who had this acted like animals, I didn’t know that they couldn’t speak English, only in grunts or not at all. At first, I didn’t think it was a good thing that at all, but then I did some more research and now I know that it could be a great thing for humankind to study people with this syndrome to find out more about our genes. A lot of people believe that it’s not a big deal, and kinda cool to have this syndrome. Some problems may be the fact that people who have Uner Tan Syndrome cannot do much on their own. Another problem is the fact that they can’t communicate so we wouldn’t be able to understand what they were saying if they possibly needed help. This makes me think more about the scientific side of wellness and how this could contribute to how we act around other people.

This image is related to my issue because it is part of a clip in a documentary about a family that has Uner Tan Syndrome. The documentary is called, “The Family That Walks On All Fours.”

Healthbuzz on Psychology Tests – Tara

I chose this topic because I’ve tried Japanese psychological games that have done basic analysis, and I have seen versions of tests in movies and games, so I was fascinated to learn more. It affects me because it gives me a better understanding of how professionals deal with problems, and how answers can be analyzed and understood from different perspectives. Before I knew about how symbolism was used in situations which were given as prompts to find out information about a patient and their problem. I also heard about the ink blot test, which analyzed what a patient saw in an inkblot. It is relevant to me because I may realize that there is someone I know who could benefit from psychology testing. This is important because psychology tests can benefit people who are in need of help dealing with problems, by helping a professional determine how to help the person, as well as better understand the problem. It affects teenagers because in the teenage stage of life, lots of changes are going on and life is advancing and becoming more complicated. During this process, problems can arise in one’s life, which can become overwhelming and confusing (like dealing with stress, or struggling with relationships). Psychology testing can help a professional better understand what a teenager could be going through and determine what to do to help them.

I learned a lot more about psychological testing, like how there are different categories of tests (IQ, personality, aptitude/achievement, behavioral, etc;), the importance of psychological testing (how beneficial it can be to help someone solve their problems), more details about the process of psychological testing (how long it can take, the different forms, and how suited it is to the patient, like in the picture below, where the psychologist positively listens to the boy’s explanation), and some other examples of popular psychology tests (Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale,Thematic Apperception Test, etc;). It expanded my learning by learning more about the different aspects of psychology, and how answers can be prompted and analyzed in different ways, like how the boy in the picture below seemed to have been prompted to explain thoughts about the picture, which the psychologist will analyze. I believe that psychological testing is very beneficial to helping people determine and sort through their problems, but that there should be more projective tests, since the answers will be more truthful due to the fact that the patient doesn’t understand the analysis of their answers until it’s given to them. Projective tests are also more interesting and meaningful, even though they are said to have less accurate results. I found it surprising how many different versions of tests there can be for the many different aspects of psychology. It also surprised me how less common projective tests are, since those are always the types of psychological tests that I see on media. My thinking has changed by expanding my knowledge and understanding about psychology as well as the treatment and identification of emotional and mental problems. Some misunderstandings about this topic are exactly the things that surprised me: there are not a few different tests used by all psychologists, in fact, there are many and for many different aspects; also projective tests are not very common, there are more paper-pencil tests with questions. Some problems about psychological testing are believing that online IQ tests are the same as one with a psychologist, when in fact it leaves out many things, and is not accurate. As well as how some people look up test responses to tests they believe they may have to take to help them ‘succeed’, when really, there is no wrong or right in psychological testing, and not giving your own answers can give false analysis, which doesn’t help. It’s also important to not be afraid of testing and psychologists, since they can help you with your problems, and to get the help if you need it. This influences my thinking about wellness by shedding more light onto the emotional and mental parts of wellness through psychological testing. I know more information about mental and emotional problems, as well as how they can be positively analyzed and treated, like in the picture below.

Usman Public School System Follow. “Psychological Testing.” LinkedIn SlideShare. 05 Feb. 2015. Web. 26 Feb. 2017.

Banana Lectin – Joanne Lee


I picked this issue because I was intrigued that bananas could prevent cancer. This affects me because now I know that just eating bananas can help me not become sick. Before I studied deeply about banana lectin I knew that bananas had a lot of potassium which helps with anxiety, stress, water balance, relief from strokes, and much more. This connected my previous learning in Wellness last year when we learnt about the food plate. Now I am fully aware of the benefits of fruit. Banana lectin helps prevent cancer. 64% of teens in the world were diagnosed with cancer. So now I can be aware of the benefits of bananas, thus wanting me to eat more bananas. In conclusion, this issue is important for you to know about because it prevents an individual from getting sick just by eating bananas. 

There are good and bad cells in our body. The good cells are called immune system cells and the bad cells are called virus cells. Banana lectin multiples cells. It multiplies immune system cells which help fight viruses, but on the other hand, it also multiplies virus cells. To eliminate the bad effects of banana lectin, scientists are working on recreating the structure of banana lectin to only multiply immune system cells. Thus not cost any harm in our body. Nowadays they are studying the structure of banana lectin so it can be applied in medicine and use to cure cancer. It expanded my learning to understand how cancer cells work. That out of one simple fruit doctors and scientists were able to use it in the advanced medicine technology. An interesting thing was that one banana a day keeps the doctor away. This changed me think that fruits have benefits that may save your life. You can prevent cancer from doing an act of something so simple. People misunderstand that banana lectin also come in pill form, this is not true, but scientists are working on it. The problem with banana lectin is that bananas have virus cells, and the solution to this is to recreate the structure to eliminate the virus cells. This influenced my thinking of wellness by making me want to eat healthier.


The topic I am going to be sharing is depression. The reason I chose depression is because it is the lead to the third most caused death in my age group. This affects me because it can open up my thinking and my point of view on what depression is. I didn’t know much about depression only that if it gets to serious that it can lead to suicide. This is important to all of us because it can help us understand what depression is so that in the future we can avoid it.

I have learned that depression is really important to understand so that we won’t be a victim of it. This expanded my learning because it can give more information to those who need it. It unexpected when I read that the age group that has the least amount of depression was between 60-65 of age. Some misunderstandings of depression is that it is exactly like sadness, when it is definitely not. One of the biggest problems of depression is suicide, but can be stopped by moral support.


Anorexia: Kiana Hudaya

Anorexia is a psychological eating disorder that is shown through extremely low body fat. I chose to further research about this topic, because anorexia is affecting as many as 1 in 100 females, and this issue is commonly based off of society’s ideal body types. A person with anorexia would usually define their self worth using their body image and physical appearance. People with anorexia also preoccupy themselves with being skinny. So much so, that if they are the ideal weight for their age and height, they’d still think of themselves as overweight. I think that this is an important subject to further discuss, because even though anorexia is a life-threatening eating disorder, it’s mindset of being underweight solely for their body image can be easily perpetuated by the current media and one’s environment. Not only does this issue affect teenager’s self-esteem, but anorexia can further lead to damaged organs, drop in blood pressure, pulse and breathing rates, death from starvation, irregular heartbeat, and more. Someone usually gets anorexia at the age 14 or so, and 9 of 10 people who have anorexia are girls. Anorexia is an, unfortunately, common issue within teenage girls, which is why I would like to further inform people about it.

I used to think that anorexia is simply just a sickness in which someone wasn’t eating enough. Which I think is a common misunderstanding, because in actuality, anorexia is much more than that. Anorexia can be linked to perfectionism, and owning a distorted body image. Another misunderstanding is that anyone who is skinny has anorexia. This is a misunderstanding, because being anorexic means owning a thinking pattern or psychological idea in which they are always over weight, when they are not. Anorexia can be caused by biological and environmental factors. I learnt that one of the biggest causes of anorexia is the reinforcement of having skinny being the ideal body type. A person suffering with anorexia may be depressed, anxious, moody, etc. Some solutions to anorexia is psychological therapy and supervised weight gain. This learning has helped me become more open-minded and sensitive towards people not being able to accept their body image, and I will now encourage them to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

This picture portrays the thinking of someone suffering from anorexia.

Dex – Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Over 16% of humans will experience anxiety at least once in their lifetime.

I chose this issue because it was a topic that I have been interested in for a long time, and I thought that I have a good reason, I should probably choose anxiety to use as my topic.

It affects me in the way of everyday anxiety, like how I got nervous about doing the presentation today.

What I knew about anxiety was very little information. I knew that it had to do with being nervous and stressed.

Anxiety connects to previous learning and class experiences as to when I learn, I could get nervous about a task or presentation.

It is relevant to me because I get quite nervous sometimes.

One way that anxiety affects teenagers is when something happens that lowers their self-esteem it could make us anxious about going there again with those people.

One thing that I learned about anxiety is that it affects 16% of people throughout their lifetime.

It expanded my learning by allowing me to learn all of definitions, and things like that. As it is very common, I was able to learn about so many things that have to do with anxiety.

I was surprised by how you easily you could work away everyday anxiety.

A misunderstanding about Anxiety is that it is always a diagnosed disorder. However, anxiety is as common being nervous for a job interview.


Claire – Anorexia

Anorexia is the fear of becoming fat. People with anorexia believe when they look in the mirror they are fat, when they are actually very skinny. They may also have a need to be perfect. They also may have a culture that emphasizes thinness. They can also they have a high levels of anxiety and restrict their eating to reduce it. When people don’t eat they lose all their body fat and that can cause bone loss, abnormal heart rhythms or heart problems.

I picked anorexia because I was curious why people would stop eating to become skinny and beautiful, but actually they look terrifying.

Michael- Snoring

My topic was about Snoring. Snoring is where when you sleep and you also breath in through the mouth. Normally, when people sleep they only breath through there nose. However, some people when they sleep breath through the mouth and nose. This could then end in an airway block of you mouth. That causes you to make these sounds which is basically snoring. I wanted to find more about this topic because I heard about some people snoring on daily basis and I wanted to find out how it happens.

Image result for man snoringhttps://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1v4jCufqqYPSSOJL1RSMvwtMNzEXmH6_xnEnhG6ssYds/edit#slide=id.p