Tourettes Syndrome – Eve

Tourette’s Syndrome, or TS, is a physical disorder of the brain. People with Tourette’s have vocal and/or motor tics. This is when they blink, twitch, shrug, grunt, clear their throat, and even swear. They feel impulses to do these things, though it can be controlled for short periods of time. People with TS can control it for up to ten or fifteen minutes, but that only results in having more tics afterwards. Interestingly, tics subside when the person, is engaged and absorbed in something they are interested in. Many people with Tourette’s also suffer from OCD, attention deficit disorder, anxiety and depression. They tend to avoid social situations and therefore become reclusive to escape embarrassment. Symptoms of TS start in childhood and it is rare to be diagnosed with it 18yrs and after. Strangely, Tourette’s is more common in males than in women. Peter the great, Samuel Johnson, Mozart, Napoleon and Tim Howard all have Tourette’s Syndrome. I chose this topic because I think that it is interesting that they cannot control what they do, but also inspiring that they can still lead a revolution.   

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