Tourettes Syndrome – Eve

Tourette’s Syndrome, or TS, is a physical disorder of the brain. People with Tourette’s have vocal and/or motor tics. This is when they blink, twitch, shrug, grunt, clear their throat, and even swear. They feel impulses to do these things, though it can be controlled for short periods of time. People with TS can control it for up to ten or fifteen minutes, but that only results in having more tics afterwards. Interestingly, tics subside when the person, is engaged and absorbed in something they are interested in. Many people with Tourette’s also suffer from OCD, attention deficit disorder, anxiety and depression. They tend to avoid social situations and therefore become reclusive to escape embarrassment. Symptoms of TS start in childhood and it is rare to be diagnosed with it 18yrs and after. Strangely, Tourette’s is more common in males than in women. Peter the great, Samuel Johnson, Mozart, Napoleon and Tim Howard all have Tourette’s Syndrome. I chose this topic because I think that it is interesting that they cannot control what they do, but also inspiring that they can still lead a revolution.   

Anusha – Anxiety

The term Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. I chose this because I have anxiety and basically I just get super stressed about the littlest things. This affects me and all teenagers who have it because I can’t sleep, I get headaches, I get dizzy, I don’t work as well and if it is really bad sometimes I hyperventilate for long periods of time. Other people can go through a state of depression. Anxiety is an important thing to know about because it can happen to anyone and they won’t know how to deal with it. I know that this it’s super harmful and it can get very bad if not helped. A lot of people have anxiety and a lot have recovered and still done really well. But their are a lot who have anxiety life long and it is horrible for them. People such as Emma Stone, Superwoman or Lily Singh, Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. If you notice these are all girls and their is a reason for that. 25 % of teens have anxiety disorder and 30% of all teen girls have it. One of the reasons people have anxiety is because of negative attributional styles. Positive and negative attributional styles is when you infer about something based on events and behavior. An example of this would be if a 2 people failed a math test the person with negative attributional styles would say I failed this math test I am dumb, I will never be good at math. A person with positive attributional styles would say I failed this math test “I failed this math test because my teachers make hard tests. I will do better in math next time and my marks will improve”. Girls tend to think with negative attributional styles. This does not mean that boys don’t get anxiety and that all girls have anxiety. It just means that Girls have a tendency to get more anxious about things.

I learned that their are many reasons to why people have anxiety and that girls have more of an instinct to be anxious. My opinion on this topic is that anxiety is a harmful thing that can destroys people’s lives. It happens to so many people. 18.1 % of adults in the U.S have anxiety. That is about 40 million people with anxiety in the ages of 18 – 54. Keep in mind about 30 % don’t even know  they have anxiety. This is just in the U.S and only adults who know about.  What was interesting to know was that people with anxiety disorders usually got it passed down from their family, more sensitive to stench, it upsets their balance and it is the most common mental illness in the U.S. My thinking has changed because I thought that once you have anxiety you can’t get rid of it. This isn’t true you can do many things to get rid of anxiety such as exercise visit a psychiatrist, eliminate caffeine, meditate, limit social media and more. Common misunderstandings about this topic is that people who have this are weak, the disorder is very common, people should just avoid whatever they fear and they you can’t tell and anxious person to relax it just won’t work. This influences my thinking about wellness because it showed me that all the parts of wellness are connected. Anxiety connects mental, social, emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual. It is related to mental because it is a mental issue, social because you don’t feel like going out and meeting people. You just want to be alone. Emotional, because you feel not so great about yourself. Physical, spiritual and environmental because exercise, meditation and being in a nice environment can help anxiety.