Takeru – Internet

I use presentation for presenting. I will present on the Internet because I want to know how it’s good and bad. This issue relevant to you because I use it, more than 3.6 billion people around the world have access to internet in 2016. That means about 1 in 2 people uses it in the world. It is important to me. It also affects teenager because teenager uses computer for studying. 

I learned computer is a bad thing, but if you use good way, I think it become good thing. If you spend too much internet time, don’t use the internet too much time!! If you use your computer, I think the maximum time is 3 hours including time spend on homework everyday. don’t keep inside of the internet. Try go outside, and talk real people. before I research about the internet, I think it is a god thing because I can research many things, but now, if you use too much time on computer, it become bad thing.

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