Better Athlete

The health issue I would like to present today is  becoming a better Athlete because I think that if you a better athlete then you will get healthy. This issue is important because some athlete are not taking good care of themselves so this important because if then don’t be healthy  they will not be in a shape to do the sport.  I picked this issue because I am a swimmer and I would love to get a better swimmer if i take good care of my body so i can swim like Michael Phelps and that is why I pick this one. This issue affects teenagers because it will affects teenagers because if we don’t take good care then we will not well to do the things we love to do.I learned that if we don’t take good care then we will get hurt doing our sport. Some interesting facts about this issue are:that if you do swimming you have to take care of your hole body .If you any kind of sport then you have to be fit so you don’t get hurt like getting cramps and headaches..If you don’t do well on your body then when you get hurt when you older the your body will get the pane when you were little  I believe that we need to take care of your body then you will get hurt real easy. In conclusion, this issue is important for you to know about because when you do your sport and when you get hurt then when you are older than your body will faces the pant when you were a teen .  To help solve this problem, you can eat healthy and get enough sleep and work out so you can stay healthy and never get hurt ever again.