Polio disease

Polio is a abbreviation for Poliomyelitis.Polio paralyses your limbs by killing the nerves. This disease is a virus that first started in an Louisiana in 1841, Polio at that time also went spreading around Europe but it wasn’t a big deal and later on it disappeared. This fatal disease has return in Nigeria and is causing trouble by attacking the population. But why did Polio form in Nigeria? Judging by the dirtiness and the evil bacterias that Nigeria has is a perfect escenario for Polio to form. This mostly affects kids and it kills 5% of the kids it attacks and the remain paralytic for their lives. This kids could avoid this by taking a vaccine but for those kids they are too poor to afford that. Franklin D. Roosevelt also suffered the disease at the age of 39, and got paralysed for his life. When this disease hits old people they don’t get paralysed at first because they are stronger but later on, their muscles grow weak and they get paralysed.

I chose this to do my presentation because this disease could easily come to the the PH and we should be aware because it could badly harm us. I also choose this because is a unique a and pretty interesting topic to talk about and to inform. I also choose this to inform other people of this disease that could be easily passed on by someone coughing or sneezing on your shoulder. So this presentation is to warn you.This has changed my thinking of improving my healthy habits like to wash more my hands and drink more water. This also helped me be more aware of my surroundings.

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