Shamir – Homeopathy

homeopathy-imageThe topic i chose was homeopathy,  homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine designed to treat many illnesses or problems that comes in many different forms. It works with the person, rather than on the person. I chose homeopathy because my mom has been doing homeopathy for 5 years and i have started to get really interested into the topic. It is something that has helped me and my family and it can save someone’s life. My sister’s vision and bones was saved by homeopathy, she got hit in the face by a baseball bat, and it caused a ruptured (broke open) eyeball and 5 broken bones in the face. Surgery right after the incident saved her eye, but she was scheduled to have 7 more surgeries, but none of them pushed through because we used homeopathy. Now if you see her, you would never think anything tragic happened thanks to homeopathies large contribution on helping the situation. I knew that homeopathy was a substance that could heal people that came in forms but I never really studied deep into it. It helps teenagers by solving some issues they have specifically in their age, it helps with with peer pressure, addiction, depression and much more. I can connect to the effects of homeopathy as when I never used it, i would use antibiotics way more often and some of the problems I have had never got solved easily. Since homeopathy can work with the body, It has helped my body overcome problems faster as it is like a gym coach pushing student to work harder.

I never knew how it could help with the body and not on the body. I also didn’t know the latin symbolism behind everything. It expanded my learning as I learned how it has a huge safety advantage over western medicines and I learned how they can really affect you negatively. In my opinion, I think homeopathy is great as there are barely any side effects that go with it and it still gets the job done. I was surprised by the amount of latin symbolism that went with it, and how it can really relate to real life experiences. My thinking has changed as i never knew all the negative effects of western medicines as studying about this topic, taught me a lot about other topics as well. People think if you take the wrong remedy, there will be a lot of negative effects, this thinking is wrong as trying different remedies won’t affect you highly. This can solve almost any problem that you have but a problem with this is you have to find the right remedy. If you study research about the topic enough you will be confident in what remedies to use. It influences my learning about wellness as this is a whole new way of thinking of medicines and it has changed my thinking of western medicines.

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