Maxinne – Good and Bad Stress

    I chose this issue because I see stress all around me and, I want to see whats the difference between good and bad stress. It affects me because I can go through stress from school also my family can get stressed from their work. I already know is that stress is a normal thing that everybody goes through, and that there’s good and bad types. It’s relevant to me because I experience both types, for example I’m excited for a new movie. Another example of stress is when 5 minutes before class, I realized there’s a test. It affects teenagers more because they don’t know how to handle their stress issues. Some of their issues include frustrations and schoolwork, negative feelings and thoughts about themselves, hormone changes, or drama with friends and schoolmates.

     I learned that good stress or what psychologists call  refer as “eustress” which kind of gives you the feel or excitement, this kind of stress can also motivate you. Like when you ride a rollercoaster or presenting a well worked on project. Stress becomes bad when its prolonged and constant, or chronic. Bad stress has negetive effect physically, emotionally, and psycologically. It doesn’t happen short term. Immediate stress is not actually bad. It has expanded my learning to know because now I know that not all stress is bad and that stress is normal. I think that more people should know about the different types of stress and how to handle it. I was surprised that immediate or short term stress is not bad. Now, I look at stress differently and less negatively. People usually think that stress is only bad and no good. But, stress is a natural thing and is simply a reaction. You should know how to handle it properly. The problems of this issue include heart disease, depression, headaches, and diabetes. My thinking in wellness has changed and it has made me see things differently.

These are some things you can do if you feel stress out.