Yerin – Synesthesia

download-2My health buzz topic is SYNESTHESIA. Synesthesia is when a person’s five senses are all connected, or jumbled up  to each other. For example, a person with synesthesia might see certain colours if they hear a certain sound. They might also see colours if they smell a certain scent, etc. I chose this topic because in one of my favorite books, the main character had synesthesia and that’s when I was first interested in this topic. Another connection is that my cousin has synesthesia and she often tells me about how certain things look like to her. I found it very fascinating at first, I thought it didn’t affect people that much, but there is so much more than just seeing colours. If you have this symptom, your brain is jumbling all the wires of the five senses and mixing it all up and there are many effects from synesthesia; good and bad. I think this symptom is very important because those who have this and is around people who don’t know about this, misunderstand what the person with synesthesia is going through, and although this symptom may not sound familiar to a lot of people, a lot of people have it and for those in our age, they can easily feel that they are different from other people and can make them feel all sorts of feelings.

There are loads of pros and cons in synesthesia. They are all very fascinating and interesting, almost as if it is magic. Some people with synesthesia say they can identify liars because like I said before, some people can see colours from sounds. If a person talks and the colour is different from their normal colour when they speak, they can tell if they are lying or not, because they can “see” their voice. Also, when someone sees a word, they can identify if it is spelled right or not because for them, each letter has a colour. These are all very interesting and almost unreal pros. However, people with synesthesia tend to have a learning disability because of all the colours. For example, they can’t easily read or write because they find it incredibly difficult to mix all the letters that have very different colours together and create a word. They can even taste colour and sometimes they really can’t deal with some colours or words that leave a taste in their mouth that they hate and often tend to be stubborn to interact with certain things. While everyone thinks that synesthesia is just a random symptom, it is actually a disease. I think that this is easily misunderstood that synesthesia is only a fascinating thing, but it has more cons to it than pros.

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