Video Games – Rooney Rojas

Today I will be talking about Video Games. Why? Because today, a lot of teens use and play video games, meaning they are exposed to them almost everyday. I also chose this topic because I myself am a gamer.

So who created the first video game? William Higinsbotham created the first video game. It was called Tennis for Two, like Pong.

So how do video games affect us. Mostly mentally. it can improve your memory, improve your coordination, relieve stress, help you focus, and of course, make new friends. it can also help you be more attentive and can maybe train you to be a future surgeon.

To conclude, video games are essential to our everyday lives because we have so much technology, you could see someone playing video games right now, it is also essential because it has various effects on you, which can help you in school.

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