Zoe – Blood Types

My health buzz is all about blood types and how they are important. I chose this topic because I wanted to learn more about blood types and why they were actually important. I relate to it because when I was born I had a blood incompatibility with my father’s and my mother’s blood, when almost caused my life. What I know, so far, about blood types is that there are 4 major blood types: A, B, AB, and O and that “markers” or antigens, which are attached to the red blood cells, are used to determine your blood type.

” People with O blood type may be more likely to have depression and intense anxiety; children may be at a greater risk of attention-deficit disorder. People with A blood type may be more prone to obsessive-compulsive disorder; children may be at a greater risk of attention-deficit disorder. Children with B blood type may have a lower risk of attention-deficit disorder”.

– University of Vermont hematologist, Mary Cushman

          I learned that even blood types can affect your physical, mental, emotional, and social health. What surprised me was that within those 4 blood types there are negatives () and positive blood (+) types. Some problems there are about this issue is that there are many people in world who need them and sometimes when there are blood tranfusions, doctors may accidentally use the wrong blood, and that can lead to complications even death. I personally think that this is an important topic that should be known more around the world.


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