Down syndrome – Gabbie


I chose this issue because my 4 year old niece has Down syndrome.This affects my family because we are now more aware of what people say about mental disabilities and we support my niece, Johanna by going to things like Miss possibilities (a beauty pageant for kids with disabilities).  I know that people with Ds will look different that others, they are delayed in their learning and their first language will probably be sign. This issue is relevant to me because my Johanna has Down syndrome. It is important to me because she is apart of my family, also she is delayed in her learning however she is a fast learner.This affects teenagers by not allowing them to communicate properly, raising concerns for other types of diseases like, ADHD, autism, sleep apnea.

I’ve learnt many different things that i didn’t know before researching about down syndrome. I now know that there are different types of chromosome diseases and in 1866 Doctor John Langdon Down was the person who discovered down syndrome. This expanded my learning by finding out about how many different characteristics a person with Ds could have. To me what was interesting and surprising to learn was that down syndrome isn’t the only disease that affects your chromosomes. My thinking has changed by now knowing how to care for a child with down syndrome.  One of the many misconceptions that people have about down syndrome is that it runs in the family. A problem about this issue is that people with this disease can’t communicate properly however to improve on this they would need to do some therapy. This influences my thinking on wellness because it affects many part of wellness, such as social, mental and physical.



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