I chose Materialism because I am a very curious person and I do enjoy knowing more about whatever I find interesting, I bumped on materialism when I watched my weekly documentary. Materialism affected me when I got exposed to my laptop and started learning about different technologies. My interest went so deep that I started to pester my parents about buying stuff. Whenever I got something new I had a very short high and then I would want something new. I know a lot about this issue, the most shocking thing that I found out was that there are people who consume more affect the environment more. Also there are people who work hard everyday and earn so little it is barely enough to support their families which are already quite large. I don’t have any connections that I can make about this issue but I can address that most of the politicians are not doing any thing to help the poor and because of this the problems are escalating at an incredible rate. This issue is important because we are bombarded with advertisements we don’t really look behind the surface. It affects teens because lets not deny that most companies target their products at kids (examples. coca cola, Pepsi, f21 and so many more) so imagine the next generation of the world which is polluted and destroyed just because we were stupid and in denial saying that there isn’t a problem.

I learnt that many moneymakers and business owners are to stubborn to admit that there is a problem and that people who make different items are in extremely bad living conditions. I am more vigilant of what I buy and whenever a new iPhone, mac or gadget comes out I don’t immediately run out to the store and buy it. My opinion is that people should change their ways and politicians, business men and regular people should not be in denial, help the world and help the poor. The most surprising thing to me was that so many people are affected by this and no one has the right mind to step up and say that this is wrong and we should change the way we think. I can consume less and enjoy more nature and do more volunteer work. There are no misunderstanding about this topic it is just that people are to stubborn and ignorant to address that there is a problem. The biggest solution is to not be in denial and address that there is an issue here. It does not influence my thinking in wellness in any way. imgres

Down syndrome – Gabbie


I chose this issue because my 4 year old niece has Down syndrome.This affects my family because we are now more aware of what people say about mental disabilities and we support my niece, Johanna by going to things like Miss possibilities (a beauty pageant for kids with disabilities).  I know that people with Ds will look different that others, they are delayed in their learning and their first language will probably be sign. This issue is relevant to me because my Johanna has Down syndrome. It is important to me because she is apart of my family, also she is delayed in her learning however she is a fast learner.This affects teenagers by not allowing them to communicate properly, raising concerns for other types of diseases like, ADHD, autism, sleep apnea.

I’ve learnt many different things that i didn’t know before researching about down syndrome. I now know that there are different types of chromosome diseases and in 1866 Doctor John Langdon Down was the person who discovered down syndrome. This expanded my learning by finding out about how many different characteristics a person with Ds could have. To me what was interesting and surprising to learn was that down syndrome isn’t the only disease that affects your chromosomes. My thinking has changed by now knowing how to care for a child with down syndrome.  One of the many misconceptions that people have about down syndrome is that it runs in the family. A problem about this issue is that people with this disease can’t communicate properly however to improve on this they would need to do some therapy. This influences my thinking on wellness because it affects many part of wellness, such as social, mental and physical.



Zoe – Blood Types

My health buzz is all about blood types and how they are important. I chose this topic because I wanted to learn more about blood types and why they were actually important. I relate to it because when I was born I had a blood incompatibility with my father’s and my mother’s blood, when almost caused my life. What I know, so far, about blood types is that there are 4 major blood types: A, B, AB, and O and that “markers” or antigens, which are attached to the red blood cells, are used to determine your blood type.

” People with O blood type may be more likely to have depression and intense anxiety; children may be at a greater risk of attention-deficit disorder. People with A blood type may be more prone to obsessive-compulsive disorder; children may be at a greater risk of attention-deficit disorder. Children with B blood type may have a lower risk of attention-deficit disorder”.

– University of Vermont hematologist, Mary Cushman

          I learned that even blood types can affect your physical, mental, emotional, and social health. What surprised me was that within those 4 blood types there are negatives () and positive blood (+) types. Some problems there are about this issue is that there are many people in world who need them and sometimes when there are blood tranfusions, doctors may accidentally use the wrong blood, and that can lead to complications even death. I personally think that this is an important topic that should be known more around the world.


Vaccines By Jed dy

I will be discussing the safety of vaccines. This issue is important to me because my parents said I developed very bad alergies when I was injected with meningococcal vaccine.This vaccine prevents inflammation of the brain. Whether or not to get vaccinated is important to students like me because this is time we are supposed to get booster shots. When I did my research, I discovered that most vaccines have mercury which is poisonus to the body.

I learned the benefits of vaccinations is much greater than the risk of developing the sickness or getting paralyzed or even developing autism. Also I watched a documentary on the safety of vaccines and I learned the importance of herd immunity. This means that if most people get vaccinated, the very young and very old people who cannot get injections will be protected because they will not get infected by the disease because other people don’t have the disease.This is related to wellness because vaccines help in preventing a lot of contageous diseases.

Vaccine in vial with syringe. Vaccination concept.  3d

Vaccine in vial with syringe. Vaccination concept. 3d