Unit 3 Review

We’re approaching the end of the Unit 3 Assessment.  All the links and videos on the blog will help you to review.  Make sure that you are familiar with the content below:

Students will know : (THEORY)

  • define a drug
  • the differences between prescription, over the counter, and behind the counter medications
  • The 5 ways drugs enter the body
  • the information found on Drug Fact Labels
  • side effects of medicines
  • Definition of a natural remedy
  • natural remedies to cure an ailment/illness/discomfort
  • the definitions of drug addiction, physical dependence and psychological dependence
  • steps on the pathway to addiction
  • Nicotine and Tobacco
  • the main chemicals found in cigarettes
  • their harmful effects on the body
  • the effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) or second hand smoke on a person
  • diseases caused by tobacco and nicotine (long and short term)
  • The problems with vaping and e-cigarettes
  • identify advertising techniques used by smoking advertisers to attract customers
  • strategies to support a person trying to quit smoking

Use this quizlet to help you review:  Substance Abuse Quizlet


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