Anorexia- Olivia

 My health buzz topic is Anorexia. Before today I knew nothing about Anorexia. Anorexia is an eating disorder or loss of appetite, sometimes addressed as “fear of weight gain”. When an anorexic looks in a mirror they can only see themselves as overweight even if they may be extremely underweight.


This is a picture of an anorexic.

I chose Anorexia as my topic because it is a concerning issue in our age group and also because I do not know a lot about the topic and I would like to find out more. Also because I want to bring awareness to this issue.

My opinion on this issue is that people should have positive control over their body instead of negative.

During my studies of Anorexia I have learnt that this eating disorder is life threatening and often under thought. I have also learnt that Anorexia comes from symptoms such as extreme weight loss,dizziness or fainting, loss of hair, avoidance of social functions and spending time with friends or family, dry and/or yellowish skin,constipation, low blood pressure, dehydration, and swelling on arms and/or legs. Research shows Anorexia is more often found in women because they get conscious about their body shape and how people look at them. Approximately 24 million people suffer from eating disorders in USA alone. 


This picture is relevant to my topic because it shows how an anorexic looks and how serious it can get.

My thinking has changed over my learning in this presentation because now I think that I feel more aware of this issue and know that this issue is highly underestimated in multipule areas of the world.

To conclude, Anorexia is a large problem and should not be underestimated. Before I started researching this issue I knew what it was but I never knew how big of a problem Anorexia really was.

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