Unit 3 Project: Mixed Messages Tobacco

Now that we’ve taken a look at the effects of nicotine and tobacco on our bodies and how the media has a huge influence on the choices that we make as consumers, your task is to examine the smoking campaigns currently in the media and redesign them to create an effective, informative Anti-Smoking Campaign.

The Description of the performance task is below.  

STEP 1:  Read through all the points carefully. For this project, you will be working in pairs. Decide who will be in charge of working on what.

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You can find the rubric HERE


IMG_1554 IMG_1556 IMG_1557IMG_1555

STEP 2: Review the powerpoint and chapter in the textbook below on Tobacco and Smoking


Proper citation = Athreya, Balu H. Holt Decisions for Health: Level Blue. Orlando, FL: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2007. Print.


STEP 3: Review the power point and notes on Advertising Techniques


STEP 4: Select the Cigarette Advertisement you will use for your project

STEP 5: Identify at least 2 advertising techniques used in the Advertisement you chose. 

STEP 6: Write Paragraph 1 – description of the original techniques used in the advertisement you chose (See Rubric and Instructions)

STEP 7: Time to redesign your Advertisement!

STEP 8: Write Paragraph 2 – description of how you changed your ad, what techniques you used, etc (See Rubric and Instructions)

STEP 9: Write Paragraph 3 – How you can personally avoid tobacco, what are three things you learned, etc (See Rubric and Instructions)

STEP 10: Put it all together and be ready to present to the class!