Pattakarn- Sleep

I choose to do about sleep because, sleep is really important to our life. Is really imcolor-sleeping-beauty-step-9portant because, without sleeping or lack of sleep you brain wouldn’t function properly, this cause you mental health, health issue, bad academic performances or etc. This connect to my life and others because, everyday we need sleep to make our brain function properly. This issue is relevant to me because, as a student I need my brain to function properly so I can learn properly and get good grades. These effect teenagers because, most teens now sleep later than they should. To get enough sleep they need to sleep at 8:00pm or 8:30pm. Most teen tend to play their phones, laptop, watching onsleeping1line movie or YouTube and etc. And cause them to sleep late and get lack of sleep and their brain wouldn’t function properly.


I learn that to get enough sleep you need to sleep 7-9 hours. It also improves your memory, academic performances and brain function if you have enough sleep. It also improves your health because, enough sleep help you fight illness. It also improves your emotion to be better
aid29855-728px-get-good-grades-without-being-a-know-it-all-step-04such as you feel good and less likely to feel anxious, sad, depression or worried. I think that sleep is very important to our life and you should get enough sleep because, is improve your focus and academic performances. This will help me learn better and less likely to feel stress or worried. This influence me about wellness, that sleep is important and if you have lack of sleep, it cause you emotional, mental, health issue and it can be safety.