Sam- Importance of Movie Ratings to Promote the Mental Health and Well Being of the People

I love watching movies, I feel relaxed and happy every time I watch movies. But there are times that I feel disappointed because there are movies that I am curious to watch but I am not allowed due to age restrictions.  This is the reason why I chose Movie Ratings as my topic and how it affects the mental health and well being of the people. This issue affects children and teenagers who loves watching movies as they use the characters as their role models. They imitate what they see or what interests them.

To understand my topic more, my mom and I went to MTRCB or the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. I get to meet the board members, tour the different offices and got a copy of their Rules and Regulations Booklet. What I learned from this issue is people especially children can be influenced in what they see in movies that leads to positive or negative behavior.

Some interesting facts and experience about this issue are the MTRCB’s way to monitor  the different channels in one room. There were 2-3 people supervising and monitoring the different channels.  Ms. Bibeth Orteza Siguion-Reyna, one of the board members, showed me the mini cinema where they watch, review and classify the upcoming movies.  She said that classification is important so the parents will be able to determine if the movie is suitable for their kids.  It is also important so that the movie makers will be guided on what film to produce and for the movie goers to know before hand if it is worth watching the film.  She also said that the producer can request to reclassify or re-evaluate if they don’t agree with the first rating. How interesting it was while I was researching on the different movies for possible examples.  I saw a movie entitled “ Bakit Ang Taba Ko?” (Why Am I So Fat?”). This movie was rated X because the word “taba” (fat) can be an offensive title for a movie.

Classification of Movie Ratings

I believe that movie ratings are important especially for children as this movies can affect the health and well being of a person. We can be easily influenced in what we see in the movies. For example, watching horror movies at a very young age can develop traumatic memories and same with tearjerkers film it should be avoided by children because it can lead to depression if viewed at an early age. Sad to say, that there are some movies rated as R-13 that contains violent activities and bad language and studies shows that teenagers who watched this film had big chance to be involved in violent actions and greater chance to use bad language. On the other hand some movies that is rated general audience or parental guidance can strengthen children’s communication, language, problem solving and communication skills. This can also evoke happy thoughts and creative ideas.

In conclusion it is important for us to know the different movie ratings of the different movies as these can act as guide to what the children/teenagers like us should be watching. We children and teenagers should not be exposed to violence, drug use and bad language. As a growing child I should be aware and take control in watching movies that is appropriate for my age. I should be disciplined and respect the movie ratings decisions by the movie regulating board.