Matteo- The brain

I chose the brain because the human body and it’s components have been a thing that has always been interesting to me and learning the different functions of the different parts are always so fascinating. This relates to me because, obviously I have a brain, honestly I didn’t know a lot of things about the brain at first, things like it’s the command center of the body and that it supplies information to the rest of the body. So researching more about the topic was very fun and allowed me to expand my knowledge. This is important to me because I want to know more about the functions of the parts of the body because later in life, I want to have a career path relating to medicine and the treatment of others. The brain affects teenagers because it causes a lot of problems for them. For example many young adults get into drug abuse, in fact 90% of teenagers use prescription drugs to get “high” or have a pleasing effect. When drugs are taken it triggers the brain’s pleasure center making this a large reason for teenagers to take drugs, it also makes them addicted to the drug leading to addiction problems later in life

I learned about the different parts of the brain and it’s different functions, it expanded my learning of the human body and the parts of the brain. I think that the brain is a impressive and important part of the human body and it should be treated with care. I thought what was interesting was how much there is to the brain and how much of an asset it is to the human race. A common misunderstanding is that people have different learning styles, that some may be a visual learner or a verbal learner but really it has not received much validation from actual studies.

This is a picture of a brain and it’s different parts

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