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I chose comic books because its the most intriguing to me. Comic books are interesting and been here longer than I have lived. These have always been a part of me. I’ve been reading these my whole life especially during ages 7-10. I am really interested in studying comics because everyone says to read ‘novels’ and that ‘novels’ are better than comics. This grows our imagination which is good for children and creativity. Since most of the comics are superheroes it will change your perception to change the world for yourself. This will help you in school because usually superheroes have backstories which usually relate to the past. This will usually help you in Social studies. This is related to wellness in the mental side of it. This affects your mind and the way you think effectively and act on it. If you do read comics then your mind will grow wildly and your creativity will follow due to the drawings stories and the action. You should still be able to read original Novel. If you don’t read books your brain Would not grow very well. Novels are still the start of everything you shouldn’t always read comic books 4434094a42b97afd17a3e175e7325986

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