Jeremy – Asthma

I am Interestested in asthma because. Asthma is getting more common because of inheritance or air pollution.

It affects my family because most of my family members have it. And I am one of the few in my family that doesn’t have asthma. I knew that Asthma affect the airway of you breathing when you have a asthma. This issue is relevant to me because I saw so many people suffer asthma attacks including my family members. This is important because people won’t admit they have asthma so they can be normal like everyone else even though they have risks of an asthma attack or even death. This affects teenagers because 3404 deaths were caused by asthma in 2010

I learned that asthma can be a disappointing disease In my opinion this issue is important because asthma is getting more common because of air pollution, and inheritance of family members .What surprised me was 3,404 deaths were caused by asthma. This is because I thought asthma is just a harmless breathing problem. But sadly it can be a big deal to people who do have asthma.Some misunderstandings are how people think asthma can be contagious even though it is not it is caused by air pollution or inheritance of your family . Asthma is an incurable illness.However, with good treatment and management there is no reason why a person with asthma cannot live a normal and active life.asthma_words-580x4341

Matteo- The brain

I chose the brain because the human body and it’s components have been a thing that has always been interesting to me and learning the different functions of the different parts are always so fascinating. This relates to me because, obviously I have a brain, honestly I didn’t know a lot of things about the brain at first, things like it’s the command center of the body and that it supplies information to the rest of the body. So researching more about the topic was very fun and allowed me to expand my knowledge. This is important to me because I want to know more about the functions of the parts of the body because later in life, I want to have a career path relating to medicine and the treatment of others. The brain affects teenagers because it causes a lot of problems for them. For example many young adults get into drug abuse, in fact 90% of teenagers use prescription drugs to get “high” or have a pleasing effect. When drugs are taken it triggers the brain’s pleasure center making this a large reason for teenagers to take drugs, it also makes them addicted to the drug leading to addiction problems later in life

I learned about the different parts of the brain and it’s different functions, it expanded my learning of the human body and the parts of the brain. I think that the brain is a impressive and important part of the human body and it should be treated with care. I thought what was interesting was how much there is to the brain and how much of an asset it is to the human race. A common misunderstanding is that people have different learning styles, that some may be a visual learner or a verbal learner but really it has not received much validation from actual studies.

This is a picture of a brain and it’s different parts

Health Buzz | Christopher

I chose comic books because its the most intriguing to me. Comic books are interesting and been here longer than I have lived. These have always been a part of me. I’ve been reading these my whole life especially during ages 7-10. I am really interested in studying comics because everyone says to read ‘novels’ and that ‘novels’ are better than comics. This grows our imagination which is good for children and creativity. Since most of the comics are superheroes it will change your perception to change the world for yourself. This will help you in school because usually superheroes have backstories which usually relate to the past. This will usually help you in Social studies. This is related to wellness in the mental side of it. This affects your mind and the way you think effectively and act on it. If you do read comics then your mind will grow wildly and your creativity will follow due to the drawings stories and the action. You should still be able to read original Novel. If you don’t read books your brain Would not grow very well. Novels are still the start of everything you shouldn’t always read comic books 4434094a42b97afd17a3e175e7325986