Sleep Health Buzz- Ayush

My health buzz is about why you need to sleep and its also about that what happens if you do not sleep.basically its all about what happened with people in the world that did not even get sleep for 6 hours of sleep and because of that there were some problems about that and my presentation is also about how sleep benefits us like some improvements in our body.

I choose sleep because I thought that nowadays teachers sometimes give lots of home work at once and then the students cant complete it so they have to wake up night and do the homework and because of that they dont even get six hours of sleep and then they are tired the whole day.

Also that if there is to much homework and then it is done when you are looking at the laptop  or phone it affects are brain.


I thought to choose sleep as maybe I can tell students that what to do to get a good sleep as then they can get the amount of sleep they need to get (6 hours)so they don’t stay tired the whole day and then they can get a good sleep.


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