Rand – Compound Fractures

I choose this issue because I am an extreme athlete that plays multiple sports who has the ability to get a compound fracture in an instant. Also I admire some of the people that had experienced the compound fracture which got me interested into this conflict. Moreover, if I am not aware as known athlete of this situation, I may be at risk of getting this injury. In which the compound fracture can threaten my sporting career. Also, as sports play a big role in my life, I can’t imagine not playing sports and that would affect my health. I previously knew that a compound fracture is when the bone goes out through the skin as seen through Kevin Ware who witnessed the injury. A compound fracture is indeed related to a fracture but just worst. They both are similar because your bone is cracked. However in a compound fracture the bone shifts more dramatically and can possibly go out of your skin. This issue is obviously impactful to me and my peers because we are surrounded by sports and the main cause is playing dangerously in which we do a lot. This occurs because we will do anything it takes to win. Some of the effects are parents tend to be appalled of injury and don’t want child to get injured so they can do acrobatic sports like basketball. Also, If injury happens to them they decrease in mental, physical, emotional and social trying to recover from injury. Another effect is If it occurs, it could possibly threaten their chance to ever play sport again. Lastly,if you don’t give proper care to it the bone doesn’t recover.

To begin with I learned that this injury occurs a lot but mostly happening in fast paced sports. It is shown that 1/10 of the injuries that occur are compound fractures in the united states, which is caused from too much tension on the bones. Furthermore I learned that if it happened to you, you desperately need the right care or else you won’t return to sports. Before, I had no knowledge about the injury and how it was caused until I learned about. Ultimately this made me more aware when I am playing sports. In my opinion the compound fracture can be avoided if you land correctly every time not putting too much tension on the bones. Also, think about what you’re doing before it happens so that you won’t have to be getting medical care. I was surprised that once it happens to you if you don’t get the right care, consequently you won’t be able to play sports ever again. Another, concept that shocked me is that this injury happens in variety of sports I thought it was just basketball at first. Like I said before I used to think that compound fracture is when the bone when through your skin and only thinking it happened basketball. As my theory evolved I now think that it when your bone dramatically shifts in the bone or sticks through your skin. This information also helps in some situation because I am more aware about the action I do.  I previously new it happens in fast paced sports in which I play quite frequently. However their is one misunderstanding I have and that is how long does that average compound fractured to recover back to normal, knowing that this is one of most dangerous injuries, really it just ranges in time depending on how bad the injury is. Importantly, there is no solution to this injury but you can be smart about action do meanwhile trying to avoid risky actions. Lastly this has a big effect on my physical fitness because i’m now more aware about what I do, so I prevent this injury from happening. With a doubt this is one of most gruesome injuries that is common to get, so avoid it!open_fx

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