Anushka- Synesthesia

A few years ago, I read a book called A Mango-Shaped Space which was about a girl with synesthesia. While reading this book, I was really interested in the condition and what it was. This condition isn’t something that could affect us majorly, since it’s something we get at birth. However, I feel it’s important to know about it and accept it if we are ever introduced to someone with it. Before this project I already knew a little about grapheme-colour synesthesia because of the book, but I did learn more about it and the other types of synesthesia.

In my opinion, synesthesia is a really interesting topic. I learnt about how many different forms of synesthesia there are and what areas of the brain each one involves. This added to what I already know about synesthesia as before I thought there was only one form of it but through this project I learned about all of the other forms and found some ones that were really unique. It was really surprising to find a form of synesthesia that involved hearing and tasting.  When I first started learning about the different types of synesthesia, I thought that all of these forms were just one big thing that made up a synesthete but found out that they were actually 20 separate forms. I also learnt about the difficulties of this condition such as confusion in maths or trouble remembering names and personalities. Now I know about this intriguing condition I can start to learn about more conditions like this.



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