Blue light – Daiki

I choose this topic because I use electronic devices at home and school. Before, I heard that the blue light will affects our eyes so I wanted to know how will it affects us. It will affects our eyes, sleeping, mental. For example, blue light affects our eyes because it has the property that it is easy to scattered. It causes flicker. By that, the brain has a hard time to focus on. I have a connection to this because my eyes got bad by the blue light. It is important because if we don’t stop this, then eye sight gets bad.

I learnt that the blue light is a visible radiation. It expand my learning by knowing about blue light more. My thinking about the blue light is it dangerous. My interesting about the blue light is that is there any more ways to avoid this except blue light cut film and blue light cut grasses. Some problems of this issue are it affects people’s eyes and sleeping.

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