I chose stress as my topic because I know that studies and works can be very stressful to students and adults. I have learned that stress occurs when we react to particular events. Stress is a feeling that is made when we act to a specific cases/events. It is a way of going to a high position to a challenge and being ready to deal with situations with focus, strength, stamina, and heightened alertness. Also, life changes that reacts as a factor to our body and mind.

This issue is important because stress has a powerful impact on teenagers and adults because they work everyday and have lots of things to do which stress can be common to them.

As I have seen people who is being affected by stress, which they have different symptoms such as a severe headache, fatigue, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and difficulty concentrating. Plus, some people have been affected further by having depression, high blood pressure, weight gain or loss. If the stress is really too much, it can even cause heart attacks which people can die by being affected too much for an individual.

When does stress occur? Stress occurs when you are having difficulties with something that makes you feel very tired, pains, etc. When you feel it’s too much for you, feel the symptoms above for a long time, or have more than two-three of the symptoms.

Solutions to prevent having stress: By consulting a doctor or psychologist. Talk to family, teacher, close friend. Find a positives in situation.


I choose this topic because stress is a very relatable topic and most kids have stress when it comes to test, homework, social problems. Most teens should know how stress affects them and solutions to stress. This topic is relevant to me because stress is a problem a often run into and I didn’t know most of the effects of stress until i researched it. Stress can cause effects to the mind and body. For example Headache, Muscle tension or pain, Chest pain, Stomach upset, Sleep problems and Anxiety, Restlessness, Lack of motivation or focus, Feeling overwhelmed, Irritability or anger
Sadness or depression.

I learned from this project some solutions to stress so how to avoid it. I also learned the effects of stress and what stress can lead too. The point I was trying to prove was that stress affects teens minds and body and stress can lead to many horrible side effects. So its important that teens know how to avoid stress if possible. Stress influences my thoughts on personal wellness because I know understand how stress can cause Anxiety, Restlessness, Lack of motivation or focus, Feeling overwhelmed, Irritability or, anger, Sadness or depression, Headache, Muscle tension or pain, Chest pain, Stomach upset, Sleep problems. I also now know how to avoid stress.

Stroke – Eliana

For Wellness class, we had to present about a topic related to wellness and the topic that I chose was Stroke. I chose this topic because back in 2010, my father suffered a stroke, but luckily, it was only a minor one and he suffered no permanent damages to his body. Nevertheless, a stroke is a very serious thing and I feel that everybody should know what it is and how to be prepared for it. I knew that stroke affects the brain and if it isn’t treated, it will kill you. This issue affects teenagers because if a teenager gets a stroke, worst case scenario, a stroke can lead to paralysis (being unable to move parts of the body), loss of speech, memory loss, problems thinking or feeling or controlling emotions, or even death.

I never knew that a stroke could trigger a heart attack (because they are caused by the same thing) and I found that very interesting. A common misunderstanding is that strokes are rare. It is a fact that every 45 seconds, someone in United States has a stroke and, on average, one American dies from a stroke every 4 minutes. To avoid getting a stroke, the most important ways are to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Learning about stroke has kept me conscious about my health and it has helped me make sure I exercise.

Here are the different types of strokes

Here are the different types of strokes

Jaden’s healthbuzz -Sleep development.

I picked this topic because I am interested in sleep and I think sleeping is a very important thing.I also wondered about why the infants always slept more than us. I also connect to the need of sleep as a 13 year old growing child. This is important because sleep development is a process you need to go through to grow faster, learn better, and sleep regularly. If a infant doesn’t go through this process, he/she wouldn’t learn while sleeping as others do, won’t get enough sleep.


I learned how important sleeping is when I am young and growing up. I always thought that sleeping only restored my strength and grow up. But actually, we do a lot more while sleeping such as learning new words and sounds. Now I think I should try to sleep earlier and longer.