Allergies – Takezo

I chose allergy as a topic because I find allergy amusing. How come some people react to certain things and to others its just harmless? So I Learned that “allergens” is the substance that triggers the immune system of certain people and it overreacts, and this allergen has different kinds. Some comes from the environment meaning from, dust, pollens, grass, dirty places, molds etc. There are some from animals,  like furry pets, insects etc, and the most common allergens are from food like eggs, shellfish and nuts.

Occurrence of allergy varies, for some its seasonal meaning it depends on the weather when its cold or the hotness of places there are at. For common people they have known that they have allergens already and it occurs to them when in contact with it accidentally. Occurrence can be mild attack or deadly attack.

I was bothered by these attack when I saw someone who had these attacks,  I have encountered people who had an allergic attack, their body really over reacts and they have different symptoms like skin rashes, swelling, vomiting, and the most dangerous of all is difficulty breathing that causes death “ANAPHYLAXIS”

How does allergy happen? It occurs when you got contact with allergic things and then your body releases a chemical called HISTAMINE which is dangerous to your body.

Ways to prevent: Immunologists (Doctors for allergies) can cure the allergens, and you should have yourself check or tested for the cause.

Ganden– Music’s Effect on Swimming

The issue I chose was that music can affect swimming speed by up to 10%. I chose this issue because I’m a dedicated swimmer and try to find any way to get better and faster. This affects me because as I swimmer I have found a better way to be more efficient in the water. Before coming across this article, I didn’t know anything about how music affects speed, but I had previous knowledge that metronome helps you swim at a faster pace. This issue is extremely relevant to me and other teenagers because it helps prevent child obesity, improves wellbeing, it is also easier for children with disabilities to do sports, and it can help you make friends. 

The first time I learnt that swimming could affect your speed by up to 10% was when my mother sent me an article on it. This article expanded my knowledge of swimming and made me realise that there are more progressive ways to get good other than straight out hardcore training every day. I thought this was a fairly new aspect of swimming and I now understand technology can possibly help us more than a coach ever could. This is surprising to me because I an now able to use a somehow hidden factor to my advantage. This has changed my thinking that the old conventional way of training isn’t always the best and this information I have learned can be applied in upcoming races I have to compete in. Some misunderstandings about this issue is that if you listen to any music you can swim faster. In this case, it is only certain types of music that can benefit you and other types will be to your disadvantage. I now think Wellness is not just about learning about the human body and how it works, but it is also composed of interesting topics such as these we are being allowed to research in class

This is a photoshopped picture of Michael Phelps before one of his races olympic races where he was listening to Eminem music.

This is a photoshopped picture of Michael Phelps before one of his races olympic races where he was listening to Eminem music.

Benefits of Reading – Malvika

I chose this issue because I have a passion for reading and I want other people to know that reading is important. Since I see a lot of people on screens all day, I decided to tell them as to how and why is reading important. This is important because reading can help you many mental, emotional, social, and physical ways. It affects people with the concerns of their health and their brain improvement. It can also tell them to get off their screens, and spend some time on themselves reading.

What I found that was interesting was that reading can lower your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. I have also learned that people who read can handle relationships better than people who don’t. To summarize, reading is good for your body and yourself. Reading actual books is better than reading on a screen. This influences my thinking by telling me to continue reading for the rest of my life. It has also influenced my into thinking that to maintain a powerful brain, I have to keep on reading.

In conclusion, Read. Read. And read.